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iOS 7 vs Android Jelly Bean vs Windows Phone 8 vs BB10: Which is best in the battle of the new platforms? Our experts take us through the key differences bet…

25 Responses to “iOS 7 vs Android Jelly Bean vs Windows Phone 8 vs BB10”

  • overboardhumor3 says:

    iOS 7 an absolute battery drainer!

  • Ck Agustin says:

    Android rules

  • Jared Hayes says:

    love my Nokia Lumia 928! wp8 all the way!

  • ADeadRat ADR says:

    Motorola Droid running a lighter, stripped-down version of Android (2.1 Android Plain Vanilla) still lagged compared to the HTC HD2 Windows Phone which had HTC Sense over Windows Mobile
    It all comes down to how well the hardware’s optimize for the software and Android always lacks on that.

  • Videotubelord says:

    Motorola is one of the worst companies. Also anything up to icecream sandwitch wasnt good firmware yet. If you want to see how android is good you have to flash custom rom by yourself. Companies are not interested to invest to software as they release 20-30 phone models a year. Only one company that trying to change is Oppo all others sometimes i even can’t say they are releasing phones with beta software even.

  • Jaiden Bikerbear says:


  • Al Bert says:

    iOS for Apple product. Window 8 for Nokia product. Android for Samsung, Sony etc. Who own Android (operating system)?

  • simplybest83 says:

    Lumia 920/925 and 928 are way better than other Phones!!!

    - by Ex-iOS and Ex-Android user.

  • MrThatsYe says:

    They couldn’t show possibly ANY shittier windows phone footage. Look on my channel how cool and customized my WP is!!!

  • ADeadRat ADR says:

    I don’t like fixing a phone i just brought that’s why i don’t use Android anymore

  • Imran Khan M says:

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  • chris thoms says:

    you didnt even mention the fact that windows phone and blackberry lack apps!

  • Taryke Badie says:

    Let me put it this way, you can (and i have in the past) configure an android phone to look just like and act just like any of these operating systems, INCLUDING ios7, – all the way down to the lockscreens, so in a sense android can be whatever it wants, not the same can be said for the others.

  • Videotubelord says:

    You are 21 century user, i am 20th century user. If back then on windows 95 i would be limited user without administrator rights i woul of stayed with DOS :D I’m not bashing just saying why some people like perfectly working limited devices and why some not perfectly working but without limits.
    BTW i was tired of flashing custom roms and bought Oppo find 5 ;)

  • KorayCiftci51 says:


  • xM4XT0Nx says:


  • ADeadRat ADR says:

    That’s understandable… I had Android devices for one good reason.. is to mess about with.
    I’m constantly on the road so i need a phone that’s reliable, that can stand 8 hours of navigation while playing music, voice texting, calls all off Bluetooth without having to worry about it crashing or rebooting. Windows Phone is a solid platform if your into that type of stuff, you’re not distracted with over kill features, everything is simple, smooth and easy so you can get job done.

  • FreshmanSkater says:

    I think all of the operating systems are pretty cool and have their own style.

  • Eric Belec says:

    The messy hair guy sounds retarded (with an accent)

  • Kevin Nyaysi says:

    nokia sucks shit.. you guys should try Blackberry z10.. wow that phone is smooth as butter and fast. it also has more features than windows phone 8

  • MoeTeeee says:

    You guys never get tired?

  • HeyisItsBrandon says:

    windows phone is perfect, i don’t even mind the fact that there’s only a couple more apps like instagram and candy crush yet to be on the wp market… but the phone never lags, always loads in a flick and you get direct access to notifications on the home screen… only problem is the ‘other’ storage issue but that has a fix on the way. Proud owner of a HTC 8S :)

  • YnoaR SorraB says:

    iOS 7 is perfect and amazing!

  • YnoaR SorraB says:

    iOS 7!!!!!!

  • TheMightyConqueror says:

    Ios for average person. Android for techies. Blackberry for businesses. WP8 for media junkies (live tiles and Xbox)

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