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How does the iPhone 5s handle gaming? iPhone 5c Giveaway! In this video I give a demo of gaming performance with t…

25 Responses to “iPhone 5s Games Demo!”

  • Purple Heart says:

    We’re talking about the 5S, not the 3GS.

  • YungMono0 says:

    It’s not harder, i’ve heard that you just need to buy this certain hacking tool to be able to play pirated copies on a ps3 and that was last year
    im pretty sure by now it’s all software and i think the reason why it seems harder on console is because most of the people who play on a console thinks you need to be tech savvy to hack the ps3
    i mean there are a lot of guides out there to hack or softmod a ps3
    that’s how i softmodded my ps2, hacked my pspgo , and a flashcard for my NDS

  • YungMono0 says:

    Oh no im a criminal XD

  • AnalythicalGuy says:

    why do you always talk as if you were bored?

  • Miguel Menendez says:

    I’m getting tire of seen the sensor

  • technoboys says:

    I don’t have a iPhone. I a smart phone

  • HIGHt0wer420 says:

    Looks like early ps3/Xbox 360 gameplay

  • msikmpa says:

    yup. it’s okay, but it lags a lot and gets really hot when i’m just doing some simple web browsing

  • sonicblast19 says:

    and the price,and functionality and the microtranzactions in the “free” games…yeah..

  • zBombed says:

    AUSTIN OR ANYONE, What Laptop/Ultrabook/Macbook should I get? Budget is like 1000 bucks. PLEASE ANSWER!

  • huskies K says:

    MacBook Air

  • huskies K says:

    Zbommed get a MacBook Air

  • Austin Evans says:

    The iPhone 5s and Lumia 1020 are better than any other phone camera I’ve ever used. The Lumia 1020 wins on sheer image quality and manual control but the iPhone is faster and easier to catch a quick shot with. Both are great.

  • yo mama says:

    iPhone cccc I’m new to utube

  • ZackSkins says:

    Is that the real audio? If so, I’m very impressed!

  • ESpro5000 says:

    Question is……. can it handle Minesweeper?

  • XpliciTTRecords says:

    dude that haircut, I know you’re gettin paper but no, quit that

  • wmw765 says:

    You never liked angry birds? D:

  • 321justcause says:

    Yea, see the only thing holding me back from the htc one is that camera. I know megapixels aren’t everything but 4 isn’t enough. By the way i hope to win that 5c you are giving away. i still have a phone from 2010…………..

  • Gabriel Arceo says:

    forza for the iphone

  • The Doctor says:

    Hmm, maybe I’ll just use my TARDIS and get a super smartphone from the future :P …..

  • Sidhant335i says:

    I can play these on my iPhone 5 the exact same……

  • TheNerdFullChannel says:

    I have played most of those games on the kindle hd already and most of those are demos on a android are free and are not demos if you want to play any of those games you can get a android tablet under $500 compared to a $1000 phone that was made 3 years later then the tablet most people don’t even care about the iPhone 5s if it can do the same things as a table made 3 years before then and is less the half the price so why the hell would I pay more just to get a little more frames per second

  • Glenn Webb says:

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  • Erik Escoffié says:

    And Xperia Z1?

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