synthroid long term effects

In this nerdtastic epsiode of The Rubin Report, Dave Rubin, Kim Horcher (Nerd Alert), and Andy Riesmeyer (DweebCast) tackle new iPhone 6 rumors, the violent …

16 Responses to “iPhone 6 Rumors, Violence & Video Games, Atheist Death Penalty | The Rubin Report”

  • Naomi Schwartz says:

    Andy is a great guest – really bright and easy on the eyes

  • kylmark says:

    An idea: you should add time-links to the different parts in the video, so
    we dont have to click away to separate videos!

  • david rankine says:

    Asians don’t like Obama either?

  • TruthDevours says:

    I just came to look at Kim.

  • TheGorskiFamily says:

    Dave is worried about the switch from apple. that was a huge concern a
    decade ago with leaving Microsoft. Everything old is new again.

  • Skerdy says:

    Tyson has actually said clearly he’s agnostic… that’s rejecting religion
    for sure: an agnostic surely doesn’t have “faith”!

  • Omar Sagastume says:

    Kim looks like a know it all. Ans shows it here. She seems obnoxious. Lmao
    jeez kim. Relax lol

  • Cyruss NP says:

    I think I might jump ship on Apple too. I’ve been having iPhones since the
    original, but I’m getting tired of the shoddy hardware (power buttons
    constantly not working) and the iffy software (every time a new iOs update
    happens there’s one or two new problems with the phone). And Apple’s
    attitude about it seems to be “We’re apple, you’ll buy it anyway”. Well not
    this time!

  • ForeverAnnaMarie says:

    I wish people would stop lumping women into the pro abortion category. I’m
    a woman and I am totally against abortion and not for religious reasons, as
    I am not religious. All my friends are also against abortion too. It is
    very upsetting to me to be put in the same category as someone who thinks
    abortion is ok. Not all women agree with abortion.

  • Husni Adan says:

    I learned history, mythology and English through video games. Both directly
    and because it sparked an interest in different subjects. 

  • Carl Campbell says:

    I’m not gonna say that all atheists are asswipes buy I know a good bit of
    people that are athiest and a few are my friends and they know I’m
    Christian and they don’t care but the others are just absolute assweeds so
    when they say people make atheists out to be assholes a lot of them are

  • LastExilezz says:

    yay the iphone is still the same….also can you retards stop making retard
    concepts of somthing you have 0 clue what it looks like. the iphone is
    always the same and will be the same forever have fun.

  • Rob T. says:

    This was an awesome, and informative ep. I’m a Samsung man, I think the
    blaming of video games is just lazy equivocation for clear mental issues,
    and I’m young enough that I’ve personally transformed how I view
    religion… which was iffy anyway.

  • Natalie Spa says:

    Kim is being perfectly polite. I suppose that dickhead who commented below
    finds intelligent women intimidating, whatever bro, but that’s not her

  • Natalie Spa says:

    Nerds? Dweebs? Seriously are you guys still in high school or just
    retarded? Aaaaarghh!! LOL stop perpetuating the stereotype.

  • Sara De La Cruz says:

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