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Samsung Note 3 Lookout! Top 15 Reasons LG G2 Is The Best PhoneTo Beat! LG G2 Over a hundred 4.5 – 5 star Vezion reviews CAN’T be wrong: http://www.verizonwir…

25 Responses to “LG G2 Better Than Samsung S4 Best Android Phone Period LG G2 Review”

  • Patrick Glanville says:

    My new phone. It’s awesome

  • AnthonyTran69 says:

    I heard the G2 has a automatic text message bubble that pops up when ur
    doing things like playing games,web browsing, and etc. You can click on it
    and answer the text. Is it true ?

  • BOSSYtexasCHICK says:

    Yes, its so cool. No Matter what ap you are in, the msg pops up or phone
    call , , u have the ability to reject, reply, etc. But like practically
    every feature LG has, You can DISABLE the pop up notifications in Settings
    if you don’t like it, but its one of my favorite features! BTC

  • Kushan Naranwala says:

    we see everything about phone but where is your face? :D

  • Carol Cardella says:

    trust me, its not that great a face…lol …but on my channel my last TWO
    vids are of me speaking about the LG G2… : ) BTC

  • Kushan Naranwala says:

    oh wow hi is this Bossytexaschick? :) and this is the 1st time a publisher
    replied me lol thanks :) and ok if you say its not beautiful at least you
    speak very kind :)

  • BOSSYtexasCHICK says:

    ty! yup, its me, i am so intent on getting ppl to AT LEAST try this phone,
    i answer every comment! BTC

  • Kushan Naranwala says:

    ok thats very nice of you :) keep up with the good works :) gl!

  • puckhead1221 says:

    Download and install SwiftKey and Nova Launcher and that phone is totally

  • BOSSYtexasCHICK says:

    The stock UI with “path” enabled on LG’s keyboard and using native stock
    launcher is also bad*ss, trust me, I used to ALWAYS install replacement
    launchers but this phone does NOT need it! BTC

  • puckhead1221 says:

    Well I dont have the G2, so take this with a grain of salt. However, I have
    seen many reviews and I have had the LG Optimus G since launch day about a
    year ago now. A lot of reviewer rip LG’s UI. I think its decent. In fact I
    like some of the features alot. However I would def take stock android over
    it. As I have the Nexus7 and know how it is. One thing is for sure.
    Swiftkey is the bomb dot com. Let me tell you. It is freaken awesome. could
    nver go back to iOS keyboard.

  • Marky Force says:

    You seem to love interior design

  • BOSSYtexasCHICK says:

    Optimus G is a GREAT phone. Led the way in my opinion to where LG is today
    in the mobile phone world. HD $X was nice, but cheap feeling, froze a lot
    and just wasn’t quite there… Optimus G to me was a great “underrated” (as
    usual…grrrrr) phone. But have you even given stock LG keyboard more than
    a test run? I prefer it over Swype even, and I been a Swype fan since DAY
    ONE! BTC

  • red4285 says:

    What is that you are using and can you use it like ah stylist as for
    e-signatures… where can I get one… I just ordered the g2

  • BOSSYtexasCHICK says:

    anywhere, just make sure its a stylus for use with “capacitive” screen…
    You’ll love the phone, its simply amazing! BTC

  • Justin Murupel says:

    really love ur voice 

  • Scott Gilley says:

    I just had my LG G2 delivered today looking forward to fumbling around and
    becoming a fan of the UI as you are. I did have a funny observation though
    and don’t take this the wrong way but I swear you must have Attention
    Deficeit Disorder lol. I just discovered your videos and struggle to watch
    because of your jumping from subject, to off subject and rambling. You do
    give good insight into the product it’s just frustrating sometimes waiting
    for you to get to the good parts. Anyway you do a good job I’m just giving
    you a hard time. Hope I become a fan of LG as you are because I’m in for
    the next 2 yrs.

  • Jose Guzman says:

    good phone

  • inchhigh5137 says:

    LG G2 kicks ass!

  • altanotte says:

    Hi, I decided to replace my phone with this phone after watching this
    review and others on YouTube. However, in your review of the Samsung
    tablet, you mentioned LG will no longer be in the phone business. So, now
    I’m nervous about future support for this phone by LG and am seriously
    thinking about a different phone. I have delivery for my G2 from Verizon

  • mochawitch says:

    Just got mine today. This phone is awesome.

  • Johan Börjesson says:

    Seriously, your voice really reminds me of some famous person. Can someone
    help me figure out who? I really can’t remember.

  • David Watson says:

    Audio, Audio , Audio…………..what u say? Oh, the audio sucks. But I do
    agree with the subject. LG-G2 is far superior to the s4 and the ONE . I
    know this because I had all of them. 

  • Daniel An says:

    Yes, this is the greatest phone I’ve ever used… and I returned my iPhone
    5s for it with no regrets!

  • Jacek Blaumann says:

    no sound and video.. why so drk room and black dark screen

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