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Yo peeps what’s up!?! So paying for minutes is just out right annoying. And if you have unlimited data or often near a wifi network then what’s the point? Ma…

24 Responses to “Make and Receive free Phone Calls Android”

  • hardrock22100 says:

    nice green screen lol

  • SinisterJHardy541 says:

    How do you text????

  • CybernetxSystems says:

    Can you do a review of Android App “GV Secure” You can encrypt your text, picture and video, also have a Google Voice back feature.

  • rzimmer1 says:

    awesome video i got a nexus 7 a month ago and was looking for something like this and it works great. thanks again. i subbed and liked.

  • Wilson LD says:

    Dude no more bills, and I only thought stuff like this happened in movies and even better i got a portable hot spot in my car Thanks man

  • sonniej678 says:

    Hey Dave,
    I’m planning to get the Samsung Galaxy SIII from Sprint in the near future. Right now, I still have the HTC EVO V from Virgin Mobile along with both my mobile and Google voice number. I am able to transfer my mobile number, though my question; will I be able to transfer my google voice number from my previous phone onto my new phone?

  • chad5414 says:

    Cool video man, I shared on my blog.

  • Rick Johnson says:

    Can this be done with Tmobile Unlimted 4g Broadband SIM card which they say can only be done on Phones, which we want to be able to use on Anrdroid tablet/Google voice/groove IP.

  • Moj4h says:

    yes, if you go into the settings there will be an option to add a phone to ring when your google voice number is called and you can delete your old phones number too if you want

  • Erickson Jean says:


  • Erickson Jean says:

    Must u have a phone number to get a Google number I don’t have 1, just a 9hone

  • simplicity381 says:

    This was sooo helpful. Thank you!!!

  • Claudio Reyes says:

    Thanks so much. Now I can give out one number

  • anudeep950 says:

    the vedio was excellent if anyone wanna call other phone numbers like india, china etc u can use twilio..and u can call anyone for free with groove ip……….
    bro iam Subscribing u …………..grt vedio

  • blankopus says:

    this works!! thanks!!

  • Mahadev Pande says:


  • trayvoon453 says:

    Can I Recieve a call when im not n a wifi zone?

  • yoshaki says:

    You can setup your Google Voice number to forward to other numbers. So you can configure it to forward to your normal Cell Number if you’re not near WiFi it will then ring your normal number. You will have to answer and press 1 to accept the call.

  • FlyingAce1016 says:

    Google voice says i need to sign up for it because my account isnt ready whats that mean?

  • EATMYLIMES says:

    Yes does work fine and just to add there are other apps that will work with Google voice too besides Groove IP.

  • younes essaidi says:

    what’s the zip code? 

  • David Hooper says:

    will it work on a deactivated phone?

  • NukeBoosting says:

    does it also text for free

  • samjs721 says:

    awesome shit bro

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