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Motorola Moto G Android phone In-depth review I have tested the Moto G for around 45 days and I show you the pros and cons for the Moto G and is it the best …

25 Responses to “Moto G Android Phone In-depth Honest Review after extended usage”

  • Sri Teja Chilakapati says:

    Sir, Is there any special reason to use MXPlayer for video playback?

  • Pranav Amrute says:

    Watched your video after months. Thanks. I’ve made my mind. Moto G it is!

  • Xian Ribello says:

    Moto G comes with white logo on back…..awesome 

  • swapy7allmighty says:

    Got my Moto G from Flipkart in just 3days..for protection i got Moto G Flip
    Kick Stand Armor Hybrid Bumper case which works like a charm!. using it
    since 4 days now.. and i am blown away by the performance of this monster.
    battery is amazing,gaming is superb..throw any graphics intensive game and
    it will play without any hassle,Gorgeous,ample yet manageable screen. great
    call quality,very natural sound. and using it with my lumia headphone,music
    is a bliss on this mobile. 3D sound option is the best!. Bass,treble..
    awesome. vodaphone internet is working absolutely fine.. i was bit worried
    about camera but once i used it i was really happy to see the results.
    daylight photos are awesome. its so fast taking pics that sometimes you
    wont even notice that pic is in the night though pic quality
    goes a lil bit down but thanks to the xenon like flash you will get a good
    pic. flash is so powerful. complete startup setup took only like 5min to
    complete with all the sign in’s. trust me when i say this,moto G is a BABE
    magnet ;) .. Thank You MOTO!! :) .. and last but not the least… thank you
    Geeky Ranjit for all the efforts and bringing the Moto G’s helpful and
    honest reviews before launch. cos of your verdict now i have a great
    device. i think i am in love with it :) :) 

  • tonybabdos17 says:

    My Google now doesn’t work. Does anybody know why? PLS HELP

  • baldeep khurana says:

    your pronunciation of gesture is wrong.
    video was good!

  • Abhinav Kagdiyal says:

    Newly Launched XOLO Q1100 And Q1010 vs Moto G…. which one to go for..?

  • sriram reddy says:

    The video is really good and useful!
    THANK U for the video
    This helped whether I should buy moto g or not!

  • Sandy W says:

    Hi Ranjit/others ,
    I have an option to buy europe model (single sim) or Indian dual sim..
    which one would you suggest? any difference in build quality and call

  • maheshbabu tanay says:

    this device is good to buy or can i look into the other devices..?
    especially i want for gaming purpose and multitasking, screen should be frm
    4.5 to 4.7 or 4.5…Budget is upto 15000rs…..pls reply me quickly…thn

  • Shubh Rangare says:

    Please suggest me am update my moto g but is not work usb n otg cable

  • Jong Choong Shyr says:

    one can install the google edition camera, more features can be unlocked
    using the google edition camera like front camera having face detection.
    However, the google sphere option is not available. 

  • Bhagyanath Viswanath says:

    +Geekyranjit I am kinda stuck between the moto G and the micromax canvas
    magnus.. I am into gaming so i need good gaming performance and would
    16gigs be enough for storage? which of these phones would you recommend me?

  • Sudhakar Yadav says:

    Can they play 720p videos n are the both rear n front cameras of htc desire
    601 good to use

  • srajan tayal says:

    I am in confusion which one to buy between canvas magnus or moto g .. St
    please suggest me

  • Kiran Loitongbam says:

    Hi….moto g has a non removable battery, n what if it hangs? Does it have
    a reset option?

  • varun mandava says:

    Ranjith ji can u show the 3g video call interface and working in moto g..
    Thank you..

  • Hari Haran. R says:

    Y u said and nothing…….. in ur video

  • Shamsuddin Ansari says:

    is price me ab kya bache ki jaan loge…..all negative points are
    useless…go n buy this phone closed eyes..

  • Brian Dixon says:

    Nice review but I don’t agree with the call quality. I’ve had mine for a
    month now and I make several calls everyday and I haven’t had any problems
    with the call quality. My calls have been very clear and I haven’t had any
    dropped calls either. Sounds like you might wanna try your Moto G with a
    different phone service. 

  • Umesh R says:

    hi ranjit, thanks for the upload your videos are very helpful,
    i want to buy an android device, my budget is 15k. so which one would be
    the best device to buy between moto g vs gionee elife e3

  • mahesh raju says:

    +Geekyranjit are u sure sir??as all the websites which would mention it in
    specs hasn’t mentioned dlna……

  • RAHUL ANAND says:

    sir is there any option for direct video call through 3g network…..plz

  • Jobin Joseph says:

    I have been using moto g from feb 8 and was working fine but its been
    updated to kitkat on 17th but now i see my battery suddenly drained from 45
    % to 0% .Anybody facing similar issue after update??

  • Divya873 says:

    Sir does it have expandable mmc slot 

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