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In this video I share my top 6 free android apps. I’m showing these apps on my HTC One, but these apps are great for any android phones. I do have other favo…

25 Responses to “My Top 6 Free Android Apps (Video #2)”

  • Vhast says:

    Swimming? Why would you have your phone while swimming?! xD WHAT!?

  • TheTimon64 says:

    Very interesting vid dude. Gotta get that virus app lol thx!

  • Dion Laban says:

    Your a gun bro u always show awsome apps, thanks marc u da man.

  • Dion Laban says:

    Marc you should try app of the day, every day it shows a paid app that is free for 24hrs, not long ago I got a $10 app called battery defender for free, its awsome.

  • Dion Laban says:

    Also if you like speed on a browser try opera mini, its hands down the fastest browser out there :) I use chrome and always will its my fav …..

  • Dion Laban says:

    Just coz u da man ill let u know my favorite app of all time, AIRDROID, this app is amazing, its so fast to transfer files, also you can message from computer or laptop to your contacts, plus alot more, try it out and maybe include it in a video, id be happy to hear you include it in your next video and chuck us a mention :)

  • Ryan Boche says:

    Does avast tell you if the NSA is spying on you? LOL

  • Marc The Geek says:

    I will try it, have you tried AppGratis? Is an app that does the same thing you say. One free app a day.

  • Marc The Geek says:

    Yeah I’ve used that app, I even have a video for it.

  • Marc The Geek says:

    I will have to try it again, I tried it a long time ago and didn’t like it.

  • Dion Laban says:

    Ok cool, I’ll check out appgratis, thanks.

  • Dion Laban says:

    Oh Marc, make sure to write as one word or it won’t show. appoftheday

  • Dion Laban says:

    Marc try appy gamer, awesome app lots of info about technology, android or apple and also games. It’s jam packed full of stuff.

  • themarin1211 says:

    Where did you get your wallpaper

  • nikoletka2525 says:

    I switched from chrome to next browser too

  • Cee Lo says:

    Hey Marc, try SwiftKey. It’s way better than the google keyboard. It scans your emails from gmail, your texts, twitter, facebook, etc. to determine how you type and what words you generally use, and it ends up guessing your next word. It starts feeling like it’s reading your mind when you type because it guesses your next word so well. As a result, you save a ton of time typing.

  • Nbhivek Bagga says:

    You should put an list of apps on the description….

  • Aaron Stinson says:

    Hey marc i have $20 psn card and i dnt know what to buy for the vita. Limbo and a mini like tetris, or sound shapes and final fantasy tactics. I cant choose :(

  • iNoXBuzaYx says:

    Your wall paper ??

  • Arnald harry says:

  • Aeman Sharma says:

    what app did you use for the drag feature on 10:28

  • Omar Abo Elyas says:

    thank you very much marc … l love your videos and you way to explane … but may i have small question abuot how share folders from my computer(windows 7) to archos video app ? … thank u again :)

  • Dion Laban says:

    Hi buddy, just thought I’d let you know about vire launcher, give it a go, also glove box, it’s like swipe pad, thought I’d chuck you a few apps seeing you help us alot :)

  • danny8093 says:

    gr8 video ….u’ve earned sub

  • Abhishek Pal says:

    It’s called swipepad, an easy way to switch between apps.

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