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Please Read This is the updated tutorial on how to install the PSP emulator and games on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch running iOS 7 / 6 enjoy :”) Step 1, Open u…

25 Responses to “NEW Install PSP With Games On iOS 7 / 6 iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch”

  • BananaTheMovie says:

    Do you have to use that site to download Roms?

  • Alex Arcos says:

    Can you make a vid how to use the cheat codes on gba plz cuz everything was
    erased and I’m kinda annoyed tnx 

  • GamingNinja says:

    How do you make the taskbar pop up like that?

  • jordain jones says:

    is there a jailbreak out for ios 7.1?

  • Chargers9001 says:

    I dont have the psp folder! I get all the way to that step, but just is not
    under documents.

  • Irfan Rasyad says:

    does it work on mac?

  • Hamslaughter says:

    Are you going to upload vids more often? P.S Your videos are awesome

  • Eli Hartnett says:

    Would you please consider or look into how to get hacks like invisibility
    on Xbox games like modern warfare 3? If you already know of a working video
    will you refer me to it?

  • Killman1234567890 says:

    I’m going to try this later but how well will the performance be on an
    iPhone 5c?

  • Zara Novain says:

    great video man, bu ti do not have the var file on my iPhone Browser. help

  • Aaron SkyCraft says:

    can you please post your settings?

  • Joel camacho says:

    Thanks Dino your the best :) 

  • McFugget10 says:

    dz you got any better sites for downloading games because this one has none
    of the big ones i wanted also great vid btw 

  • BigAndy Armanios says:

    Can I connect it with my Ps3 controller 

  • Jairo Franco says:

    I download Silent hill origins but its so slow that I cant play it

  • vivek reddy says:

    does it support iphone 3gs ios 6.1.3

  • siwy2501 says:

    Hi. Can u test and post a video for mgs peace walker and gran turismo?
    Thanks bro!

  • Lance Fajardo says:

    i did install iPhoneBrowser, but it keeps on crashing at startup. any help
    or solution regarding this one? thanks! btw, great tutorial video!

  • M Jaya Prakash says:


  • Spencer Brooks says:

    Hey man appreciate the vid. One question. When I click ‘extract here’ it
    extracts a .rar file not a .iso. What am I doing wrong?

  • Dfroyen18 says:

    Is there any way you can get it without a jailbreak like the gba emulator?

  • Vu Danganh says:

    haha thx !! i have over 20 games :D (35gb full )

  • skytana blue says:

    can we actually play multiplayer with the real psp dvice using ipad after
    installing this PSP emulator??

  • Benjie Arroyo says:

    will this work on 7.0.4 on iphone 5s? my psp emulator just crashes 

  • Vinyard Black says:

    Deym :( i can’t install PPSSPP because my ios is 7.1 i just update
    yesterday because my cydia have an error in 7.0.6 Malformed 9 line in
    source list Fuck that shit i just have to wait ios 7.1 jailbreak it has
    jailbreak but only in iphone 4 :( so fucking sad fuck LOL nice tutorial by
    the way.

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