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The Nexus 5 is the best smartphone of 2013. No other phone available today offers so much value for your money. Android KitKat 4.4 is a mature, stable and fa…

25 Responses to “Nexus 5 The Best Android Smartphone of 2013”

  • Armando Ferreira says:

    New video is LIVE. Huge thumbs up to those that +1 and a virtual high five
    if you reshare this video.


  • exiledfrommyself says:

    Right now I’m at 47% battery life with just under 17 hours off a charger.
    Battery life has been great for me but that may due to my lite to moderate
    use. I usually average about 2 to 2.5 hours of screen time a day.

  • Moh J says:

    How can you admit that it has a bad battery mileage and then say it’s the
    phone for everyone out there and that it’s well rounded. Both can’t be
    true. Most people don’t want to go through the hassle of charging their
    phone in the car, office, friend’s house. A really biased opinion.

  • optimuspecs says:

    Armando, you are totally WRONG! The nexus 5 isn’t a overall good phone, but
    a overall MEDIOCRE phone! And people who buy nexus phones aren’t the
    majority of nerd, geeks and developers anymore! The are people who think
    that everything Google is the best because Google is a big company or just
    feel proud of getting the latest Google version first! The opposite of
    geeks and nerds! It’s not that people become travelers, but there are
    flagship phones out today with a much better battery life and with more
    horse power out there than the nexus 5.

  • daniel chrish says:

    armando this is danny from india…. since now nexus 5 not yet release i
    saw several review everyone said not good camera, speakers etc… after i
    saw your review i really need to buy this phone…. your honest in
    reviewing every phone like oppo find 5, nexus 4,htc one and now nexus

  • Joseph Hurtsellers says:

    Excellent thoughts – this is exactly what I’ve been saying. I think the N5
    is the perfect balanced Android phone.
    I think also what a lot of people are missing is the strength of a Nexus
    being a platform for the latest and greatest that Google has to offer. Who
    knows what will be added by this time next year? But one thing for certain;
    this phone will get the update and have the chops to handle it!

  • Matthew Mead says:

    I don’t think your review is very good, it sounds more like a fan boy
    review than serious discussions looking at both the positives and negatives
    of the phone. You didn’t discuss any of your thoughts on the audio quality
    issues, you only touch upon battery life. Also custom roms/kernals are not
    a good way to justify your review. It should be based on base
    hardware/software. If you want to do a separate review on kernel tweaks or
    a different flavor of Android like Cygenomod then do that instead. You
    can’t tell me that the Nexus 5 doesn’t have any weak spots compared to the
    quality of say HTC One or Galaxy 4 phone.

  • Joseph H Squared says:

    Nope. The Galaxy Note 3 is the best of 2013. The thing is a powerhouse, the
    display is awesome, the feel, and the s pen features are pretty dope. I
    personally dont like any of the Nexus devices so far. They seem to be
    rather average device, not something I would buy.

  • Rob Doobovsky says:

    This is absolutely not the best…. Armando? Realy. I have liked your
    reviews but saying this is the best smartphone of 2013 is madness. Battery
    size , SD slot, removable battery, camera. These 4 are the reason. I’m not
    saying it is the worst. It’s still in the top 5 but it’s not #1 because of
    these reasons.

  • Geoffrey Best says:

    Spot on review. I’ve owned one since release, and it was exactly what I
    expected it to be. Rock solid phone, with great software support. Most well
    rounded phone out there is a great way to sum it up. That and the fact that
    the value is insane. I’ve also been impressed with the build. My n4 had a
    few creaks, but the n5 has been very solid.
    If you worry about the couple knocks reviewers have, you will miss out.

  • martin sørensen says:

    Iam sad that i bought the new htc one, ok it´s a cool phone, htc one has
    a cool finish, but the nexus 5 with android kit kat its a iphone killler.
    but htc one is still a very great phone, its the sekund bedst android
    phone out there nexus 5 is number one

  • mtx1212 says:

    totally agree, the nexus 5 is one of those rare phone that grows on you.
    the smoothness factor is, imo, above that of the new iPhone 5s with ios7. i
    look at my note 3, and can’t help but wonder how advanced and refined stock
    android 4.4 is compare to Samsung’s ugly and laggy touchwiz (yes, software
    optimization is everything), which really hasnt changed at all since
    gingerbread and ics. and n5′s size is simply perfect, incredibly
    comfortable to hold and ultra thin that it somehow feels invisible in your
    hand – just you and that beautiful screen. so if you thought n5 gave you a
    “meh” first impression, i say use one for 2 weeks then judge, you will know
    what I’m talking about…

  • Dim B says:

    Yeah I’m gonna have to disagree. Coming from a N4 this isn’t the N5 I was
    hoping for. We only had 3 issues: Camera, battery life and the speaker. Was
    any of these fixed? The speaker is again weak, battery life is about the
    same and even the camera, while the most updated of these, is at best held
    back by terrible software. About the battery, no I’m no traveler but I do
    use gps quite a lot for example or in general I would want to use
    everything that makes it a smartphone. Radios on, Sync on, location, etc
    instead of disabling things. And not all work in their office, if at an
    office environment at all. With Google updating Android mostly through the
    apps now the only reason to buy a Nexus seems to be running stock. In which
    case I think I’m better off upgrading later to a new Google experience
    phone (if they’re gonna continue doing it that is) like a new HTC One.
    You’d get the stock OS plus better hardware. Yeah I know they’re not cheap
    but neither is a Nexus here with no play store.

  • Bravadi Ismail says:

    I think Nexus 5 is the most handsome phone out there. But I still want to
    have additional low power CPU core, like on the Moto X so we can put that
    “Always listening Google Now”. Oh, and the stylus too. But for the price
    nothing beats it.

  • Terrence LP says:

    Best smart phone 2013? No no no. Samsung galaxy S4 with cyanogenmod. It’s
    the best combo available. Battery life is great for such a powerful device.
    Nexus is still the geeks dream but most people are not developers thus
    nexus is missing the beat.

  • Brad Haima says:

    Great input Armando. I love Nexus and own a Nexus 4. I think that what was
    said is true but we also need to consider the HTC One and Galaxy S4 GE
    phones in this discussion. The HTC One has weak battery as well. Probably
    worse than the Nexus 5. The camera is not great either, so for me the HTC
    One GE doesn’t compare to the Nexus 5. But when we look at the S4 it beats
    the N5 in every category except CPU speed. And possibly build quality. Why
    would this phone not be considered better?

  • Anthony L says:

    I am using a used note 2. Coming from gnex is amazing. I am with Verizon
    and until they take unlimited data, can’t get certain devices. I love the
    choices that android offers. My problem overall is that there are too many
    versions of Android or there.

  • Stormylake17 says:

    I’m a huge nexus fan, but this is ridiculous. The phone is in no way as
    good as he’s saying. I agree that it is a dev phone, but then he says that
    the other flagships don’t compare. This phone screams cheap.

  • sheng ah says:

    Hello armando, I ‘d seen a lot of review from ur youtube , fair review. But
    I would like to recommend u to try review two brand sony (z1) & asus
    (padfone new infinity- and maybe fit your father usage). Have it a try

  • Galan Destroyer says:

    Great vid, Armando. I agree the N5 is probably the best well-rounded phone
    of 2013. I was actually gonna take the dive but the slow shutter speed and
    HORRIBLE arc interface was a no-go for me. Impatiently awaiting the arrival
    of my Moto X! =vD

  • Zico Dey says:

    I always use charger at my office…. I love taking video rather than
    picture…I don’t like watching video on my phone and I like to listen
    music via headphone rather than speaker…. AND I always want latest and
    greatest update from google instantly… so Nexus5 is the best phone for

  • Ahmed Daud says:

    An awesome review!!!!.Another thing can you please do another how to theme
    your android phone….. and show us how to customize our phones like u did
    on your oppo find 5 and other ones as well

  • Pokey Evans says:

    This is not even hard i got the Nexus 5 seconds after the official
    announcement the pure android experience no clutter of apps, the interface,
    unlimited customization’s, and yes Android updates along with the option to
    root and enhance

  • corsinivideos says:

    Nice round up, as a Nexus 5 owner I agree with you on a lot of points but I
    also disagree about a few things. The camera takes some nice photos when
    there is no movement and good light BUT when there is any movement at all,
    whatever is moving instantly blurs, this is a major issue in my opinion.
    Also I find there is a lot of shutter lag more than the nexus 4 in fact,
    taking a photo is never instant and the camera can take too long to focus.
    Also low light performance is not great. Finally I actually think the
    camera app is poorly designed, not intuitive and clunky to navigate, i find
    the camera software on iOS to actually be better.

    I have also found that sometimes the black bar reappears at the top of the
    screen for no reason and even when all apps are closed. I actually think
    that many apps pull down data quicker on iOS. For example facebook,
    instagram & tinder take longer to load images than on iOS, they simply
    don’t load instantly over strong wifi especially facebook where images a
    appear seconds after text. Admittedly this is an app issue and you can
    blame the app developers but in comparison to iOS the load times are worse
    and the experience of using those apps worse on nexus 5.

    Also another small gripe is scroll over flow. Unlike on iOS when you put a
    finger on the screen to stop it scrolling in most apps it doesn’t stop
    instantly. Finally battery. Now i agree battery is about average on this
    phone, not a problem as such, except its all relative. I was using a
    chinese phone called the vowney v5 previously which uses an MTK6589
    chipset. This phones battery was insane, i’m taking 2 day easy. Ok its
    cortex a7 architecture and much less powerful than snapdragon 800. But I
    can tell you never having to worry about battery is a great bonus, my nexus
    5 has run out already twice when i was out for the day and away from power.

    Sounds like im complaining bust just some things I noticed. I love this
    phone don’t get me wrong but i’m not a fan of the camera particualrly the
    software. Incidentally I would never recommend anyone buy an android phone
    that’s not running close to stock (so basically nexus or new motorola).

  • Ivon Liu says:

    I completely agree, this is not a phone for your everyday consumers. That’s
    what the Moto X was for, right? Nexus was, and always will be, targetted
    towards developers.

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