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This lets you run PSP games on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You need to jailbreak for this to work. There are bugs on this and lags on Old Gen Devices. Enjoy!…

24 Responses to “Play PSP Games on Your iPhone, iPod, and iPad Using PPSSPP Emulator”

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    I said the iPhone 5 can’t run it. I recomended it. I am actually 15 years old. I have the iPhone 4 and couldn’t demonstrate it properly. It’s the same with all emulators. I just felt like adding that part becuase I know some people don’t know how to do this. PPSSPP doesn’t run well on Old Gen devices. I never said that the iPhone 5 is the blame.

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    Some games don’t work. That’s why I put the compability list in the description. If you need more help, go ask at PPSSPP’s forum located here:
    forums (.) ppsspp (.) org 

  • faizan mamoon says:

    i have a htc phone i will not know will it work and i have a windows 7 ?
    and i can not tell the diffrent if my ppsspp emulayter is playstaytion 1 or psp

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    if the menu looks like my menu, it’s PSP. if not, it’s PS1. Yes, it will work with windows 7, but this vidoeis meant for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. So I wouldn’t be able to tell you where to put the roms. But, the website’s community will gladly help you.

  • Tests en tout Genre says:

    How did you shoot this for your iphone?

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    I recorded this using display recorder. Then a wrote a script and read it. Then I add the recording of me speaking.

  • BLAZINGRED27 says:

    does it work on 3gs??
    please reply

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    it will, but slowly. I don’t recommend it. Not even playable.

  • TheAndroixos says:

    What did you open at 1:33 for program  Say the name

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:


  • MrApp Bee says:

    @TheAndroixos that doesn’t sound demanding at all

  • thomas lee says:

    Hey so i DL the PSP Emulator
    BUT when i try to open the PSP it crashes upon opening. anyone kno how to fix the crashes? im on a iphone 5 6.1.2

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    Some games don’t work. Try using the test cube game I showed in the video and tell me the results you get.

  • Labiad Ziko says:

    can I use Iphone folders ?

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    What do you mean? You can put the app in the folder, but what do you mean by that?

  • Labiad Ziko says:

    iFunBox does not work on my pc

  • MattSk8er102 says:

    Voice crack in beginning

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    I actually edited my voice in that part because there was a noise. (i forgot what it was) So I muted it.

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    use iexploer or SSH in it (winscp)

  • Gundamrules301 says:

    Iphone, ipod, ipad, android, pc, mac ;3

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    I should make a PC tutorial :3

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    the game or the app?

  • Hus Sam says:

    Does this wor on iPad 2

  • CpVideoMaker101 says:

    It will work on ALL Apple Devices. But speed may vary. (It will)

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