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How to play playstation games with ps3 controller on iphone ipod touch ipad with retroarch emulator cydia app. SixPair Download Here:…

25 Responses to “RetroArch – Playstation Games With PS3 Controller on iPhone iPod Touch iPad (Ep. 5) PS3 Controller”

  • Brett Tracy says:

    tried and tried and tried this with genesis core, doesn’t work

  • poikakaapo12 says:

    Yes, just plug your controller to ps3 with your usb

  • michael parkman says:

    i understand that i need to change the current bluetooth address to the iphone bluetooth address, but how do i know what my iphone bluetooth address is ?

  • drmedborn says:

    does it work with 2 ps3 controllers at the same time? (multiplayer)?

  • Tide Vang says:

    ok i got blutroll from cydia and got it to connected to my iphone but how do i get to connected to retroarch?

  • Tide Vang says:

    ok i got bluetrol from cydia and got my ps3 controller connected. note: when install blutrol it already install btstack as well. but i couldn’t get to connected to retroarch??

  • Tide Vang says:

    ok i got it to connoted with the iPhone but i just can’t get it to work with retroarch? please help

  • 101ubaldo says:

    dude u got to a tutorial on a normal windows computer:l 

  • 101ubaldo says:

    same problem here u.u

  • davidhiko says:

    The light is steady and it says its connected but I also have the same problem as you

  • twistedharold says:

    Dude any tutorial for windows OS please? I’m having a hard time :(

  • Littlemindpalace7 says:

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  • Jeremy Espinoza says:

    If I sync the ps3 controller to my iphone 5 will I still be able to use the controller to play my ps3?

  • 1226sntos says:


  • Niels van Wijnen says:

    Does anyone know if it had to be an original sony controller? Because there are a lot of cheaper and almost identical ebay models.

  • DaveTheOutlander88 says:

    I have installed BTstack, installed SixPair and put in the correct Bluetooth address. The LED comes on to show it’s connected to my iPad but when I go to Retroarch, play a game and select DualShock controller for the input device, it still doesn’t work… Please help :(

  • feigo512 says:

    can you connect a Wii classic controller in the same way?

  • poikakaapo12 says:

    Hey, thanks for the tutorial, worked well. But I have one question. Can i connect multiple controllers at the sametime? Because I really want to play Quake 2 with my Brother. Please answer ASAP.


    thx oh and sometimes u need to keep trying on connecting your ps3 controller and you can reconnect your controller to your ps3

  • Jason Miller says:


  • Jason Miller says:

    i finally got it paired and still got an error it doesnt show the bug icon?

  • 031000ron1 says:

    When will the Wii remote tutorial be coming?

  • Vamprah666 says:

    Does the ipod need to be connected to the computer for this to work?

  • nigeleckzdee says:

    get a mac

  • Turdow says:


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