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Download the first rolomotion powered game “Motion Tennis” here – Rolomotion is a technology that uses the gyroscope, magnetometer and ac…

25 Responses to “Rolomotion – Console motion gaming with Apple TV and iPhone”

  • TheGroovyWalrus says:

    Haha this is funny. They’re about 6 years too late.

  • Kunal Bajaj says:

    Awesome….Cant wait to see a game like this released on the iTunes store!

  • Roland Hahn says:

    Cool stuff

  • Scott Bird says:

    Tennis anyone? Interesting idea.

  • Okkako1 says:

    You forgot to add 100$+ for Apple TV in order to work.

  • Faris Shafiq Zulkarnain says:

    The future is here

  • Martin Grider says:

    I’ve been waiting for more games like this to come out.

  • 10,000 Start-ups - a NASSCOM initiative says:

    Pune-based rolocule has developed a technology called Rolomotion, which
    effectively allows users to turn an Apple TV and an iPhone (or iPod touch),
    into a Nintendo Wii-like gaming system!

    Don’t believe it? Take a peek at this APPsolutely awesome product:

  • Joseph Burchett says:

    They have turned the Apple tv into a gaming console. May want to skip ahead
    a bit as they tend to rant on :-/

  • Panah Rad says:

    *Console motion gaming with Apple TV and iPhone*

    Now why Apple has not gotten more serious about this is beyond me.

  • Samuel obasanya says:

    @ sean, was that comment directed to me ?

  • Andreas Ioannou says:

  • iHaxersath says:

    what if u lose grip and throw ur phone CRACKED SCREEN

  • gvidguy says:

    So that’s why they put that strap thing on the new iPod Touch.

  • Marcus Young says:

    For those of us who already own an Apple TV, this is a great addition. I
    stream movies, watch Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix and stream music from other
    devices using it. Now I can do more than just mirror the screen for a
    larger view. Playing Star Wars, for example, would be awesome with this.

  • Rashed Al Abdullah says:

    lool truuue

  • dhara302 says:

    getting a wii is 99 dollars, sensor and controller hardware comes free with
    it, replacing a broken iphone 5′s screen itself is 350 dollars LOL and
    iphone gaming is for fucking casuals.

  • dhara302 says:

    1:48, if i want to play my fav games with my frends, i go ONLINE

  • MattimusHD says:

    They must love Tennis

  • imDwragon says:

    No one likes motion gaming, Don’t bother.

  • Nathan Clark says:

    It seems like a good idea but this video is cringe-worthy

  • manilafungus says:

    Are you saying a wii is expensive you can get one for £20 used, an apple tv
    is £99 and an iphone is about £400 thats £499. And what about awesome games
    like zelda and metriod not shitty angry birds and fruit ninja.

  • manilafungus says:

    He’s saying EXPENSIVE search it in a dictoinary and no most people dont
    have an iphone because 3 quarters of all smart phone users use android.

  • Salman Ahmad says:

    to bad motion gaming sucks and no one will use this.

  • idiot chicken films says:

    At first I thought this company liked motion controll so they made motion
    games. Turns out this is the only one so I guess they just really liked

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