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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs iPhone 5S iOS 7 Gaming Performance Comparison Review Order the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : Order the iPhone 5s : …

25 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs iPhone 5S iOS 7 Gaming Performance Comparison Review”

  • Van Ian Patrick Jimenez says:

    GS3 is fast

  • Cineon  VFX says:

    The phones are made for calling not for playing games haha xD 

  • Pankaj Rana says:

    In gaming, nothing is better than iOS devices.

  • Juan Cuevas says:

    The note 3 is more better 

  • Cary Chilton says:

    What a dumb review – the iphone’s TINY screen isn’t taxing the it’s
    processor…. a closer comparison would be the S4 & iPhone5s

  • Alan Martinez Muñoz says:

    Samsung galaxy note 3 is better than the iphone he has an a largest and
    bigger screen and more resolution and density of pixels has more than the
    other too.
    I love the sgn3
    In pictures and videos
    Perfomance and funcionalities and personalization and in all the samsung
    device is better

  • hgbtester says:

    I am a fan of Samsung but to be honest the responsiveness is not like the
    iphone, iphone is more responsive idk why, and it really plays with my
    nerves sometimes when the S4 drinks his tea before doing my commands :/

  • Alex Morris says:

    You stole this video hahahahaha from adriansen..LAME

  • Matthew Robb says:

    for some reason asphalt 8 lags really bad on my 5s and its kinda annoying
    cause its a really good game which i played with no lag on my 4s but after
    the upgrade lots of stuff is slow does anyone else have this problem and
    how can i improve the performance. some of my friends have this problem

  • Manuel Martínez says:

    Good video :) 

  • Kinky Minky says:

    You have to renember the note 3 is operating at a much higher resolution,
    so its more demanding 

  • Srdjan Srdjo says:

    iphone is for nothint, but calling…

  • Parth Trivedi says:

    note 3 is better……

  • bekir altun says:

    Wich one is Better please comment with some reason /:

  • wilfre0305 says:

    Ive try the note 3 and is a good phone but nothing comparable to iphone 5s

  • Robert Schlie says:

    Anything but Apple is better, simple choice.

  • lietztyler1 says:

    You didnt show us that setting were on maximum on the Note 3. Its really
    important that you show people when comparing ios and android because ios
    games are default high graphics and android games are defult medium or low
    because they design from the lowest spec android device up to the highest

  • Jonothun Smeeth says:

    How does one game on a 3.9 inch screen? I can’t see anything hahahhaa.

  • luka intskirveli says:

    look at 7:26 note 3 gaming :D DDDDDDD LOL :D DDDDDDD

  • Bublik46 says:

    modern combat 4 note 3 dont have full shadow

  • KillChillSniping says:

    Kind of funny how phones nowadays are better than a ps2.

  • Sharath Kumar says:

    it is an note 3 n9000 or n9005

  • Gamez4eveR says:

    If you think the resolution makes a big change in here, just try the iPad
    Mini Retina.

    Same CPU and clock speed. More pixels than 1080p.

  • zactheandroidmack says:

    Well there you go Samsung is still in lag mode iphone is still butter

  • Hicham Yehya says:

    U kiddin??? Note is so much better than iphone in games!!!!!

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