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24 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 – Gaming Speed Performance Display Test & Benchmarks”

  • Adel Alsbeehi says:

    n it will still lag

  • Adel Alsbeehi says:

    it seems to me the game runs much better on the iphone5 like it has been always! thx for the review ill be getting one

  • iulian5000 says:

    I don’t own a S4, as I don’t need flagship phones.
    But to keep me informed and to be able to compare tech I do play with devices test them and watch/read lots of info on the internet.
    Lag issues have been discussed, but it is all about optimization. Game developers will update their games, samsung will polish their UI, since that’s where the lag comes from.
    The phone’s features demonstrates the power of android, but if it’s not made by google, it will take a little to optimize.

  • iulian5000 says:

    And you already lost the argument when you have resorted to swearing.
    typical ios user.
    Have fun ^^

  • Vishal Fernando says:

    Right on broda! Right on! :D

  • ketalmanify says:

    apple would make sure it wont lag you dumbass. ALL android manufactures dont give a fuck about user experience

  • Oliver Okland says:

    u are a fucking dicked that loves iphones and still dont know how bad they are. In simple words: idiot

  • Djibryl Coly says:

    Don’t worry…with a so well designed phone, so synchronized hadwares and softwares and so optimized apps, I am having fun everyday. ;-)

  • Djibryl Coly says:

    That dick will go straight in your mom’s pussy ! You dad had surely been a gay indeed to get such crap like you ! Those who think they are smart are the undeniable idiots !

  • sepehr karamiyar says:

    just s4

  • CJKrome says:

    holy shit a 8 core 1.9/1.6 ghz phone cant run games better than a dual core 1 ghz iphone 5? I never knew android was this shitty. LOL and people think android gaming should be taken seriously.

  • Blooder291 says:

    Go back under your bridge you troll!

  • Tutoriale Romanesti says:

    CjKrome i can say that you are a total idiot….this s4 is i9505 wich is quad core 1.9…..,the s4 you know octa core is a quad core 1.6 and a quad core 1.4…iphone 5 is dual core 1.4 ghz read the specs first you troll…im a iphone fan too but i can say that s4 is way BETTER THAN IPHONE5 wich is like 4s

  • Agustin Molini says:

    That doesn’t mean anything.

  • Tyler B. says:


  • Tyler B. says:

    english isn’t your first language is it? lol

  • Minecrafter559x4 says:

    Samsung s4 fuk ya

  • XearGaming says:


  • SAGI YOYO says:

    dam dude…
    when you play on galaxy s4
    the camera focus isn’t on half of the phone…
    looks bad quality…

  • agrons gio says:

    i am sure that you only uses an iphone and dint even touch a samsung. when you have the magical s3/s4 in your hands you will cry ;) 

  • John Richter says:

    Du bist dumm hässlich und deine videos sind scheisse ! Kanacke

  • xThey DontKnowMe says:

    Android is the best. iPhone is just so shit there is more customization on android and on iPhone you get the same layout.

  • Fatih Akpinar says:

    I want them both *-*

  • Killa Konnections says:

    After years of being with Apples boring Iphones made the switch to Galaxy S4, and have not regretted it yet. Customizations are endless, screen is so nice watching youtube or movies.I have Firefox and Utorrent, Beat that Apple.

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