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25 Responses to “Samsung Launches WQHD Smartphone Display & Google Certifies Cyanogen Mod Phone – Android Weekly”

  • zone07 says:

    what was that with the sweater changes?

  • Niqbal87 says:

    This is such an awesome segment and the first carbonite ad i liked.

  • SolarShihtzu says:

    Hahaha! Dead pixels.

  • محمد حريد says:

    I love you. No homo. lol.

  • mattcgw says:

    Here’s an idea for advertising, Samsung galaxy s4 savoir 36 hours battery
    life 1080p 700 PPI, full brightness, full usage of wireless, 12 hours on
    the most gpu intense games. Tag line: saving you from always changing
    overnight, saving your battery’s long term health, saving the planet.

  • Sega D. says:

    Samsung iris scanner? I may hold out on a new phone this year

  • bozhidar mihaylov says:

    Never, never ever show your nose orifice like that! .. big dead pixels..
    for life!

  • David Lawman says:

    Love the humorous way to deliver news.

  • Android Authority says:

    *Must read Android: top 15 stories this week*

    *This week in your world of Android: news of Quad HD phones emerged, the
    Pebble grabbed the spotlight, the first wood Moto X finally launched,
    Android 4.3 updates hit a bunch of devices, LG announced the first Chrome
    OS all-in-one PC, rumors of a Note Pro tablet surfaced, and Cyanogen shared
    some great news.*

    #ANDROID #AndroidWeekly 

  • Noah Dessauer says:

    it will be the note 3 active

  • avbenigma says:

    the “commercial” section is waaaaaaaaaaaay to long :)
    love the videos :) 

  • crimsonhawk11234 says:

    Lol he makes the best videos of this channel

  • mixsignal91 says:

    That S5 is sounding more and more groundbreaking

  • Anthony Esposito says:

    You are a creep

  • nukeclears says:

    5:01 skip ad

  • ast5515 says:

    Speaking of CM phone: My Galaxy Mini (yes, armv6 single core 600mhz, 280mb
    RAM)is running CM11 and it WORKS JUST FINE!

  • Peppo ᵈᵘᵇˢᵗᵉᵖ says:

    I love your vids Jayce

  • Boby Gandhi says:

    i love your humour, you make videos entertaining!

  • 1blazery says:

    This is a very refreshing tech news report, usually guys would just stand
    there and talk (boring) but this got me laughing at times, good one!

  • David Trad says:

    Jayce that was one of your best deliveries yet :)

    Looking forward to more great updates like this one, you covered off quite
    a fair bit in this one :)

    Any news on teh Galaxy Gear? Or any news on when the Galaxy S3 will start
    rolling out 4.3 globally instead of just Euro?? Also any news on whether my
    Galaxy Note 10.1 (Not 2014 edition) will get an update, I really wanted
    split profile capabilities on this tablet, been waiting for it since I
    first purchased it and it was promised by Samsung, which they are quite
    good at breaking their promises.

  • Craig Sinclair says:


  • Shesh Kumar Bhombore says:

    Jayce… Can you please tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages
    of buying a CyanogenMod phone? Is it powerful than Google’s vanilla UI ??

  • Thiago Zhon says:

    bad humor

  • Bibi Gomez says:

    Hey Jayce, I have a Samsung galaxy s4 with android 4.3, and when I go to
    the about phone and down in the bottom it says “Secure Boot Status: Type
    Samsung. What does this mean? Do I have a locked bootloader? Thanks

  • Fadil Kamal says:

    Should i wait the Galaxy S5 or buy the Nexus 5/LG G2?

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