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In-depth review of the Xperia L which is a mid-range android phone from Sony which comes out of the box with Android 4.1 has a 1 Ghz dual core processor, Adr…

24 Responses to “Sony Xperia L Review is it the best mid-range android phone”

  • shantanu gupta says:

    hello sir please suggest a smartphone of under 15000 which is good for gaming.
    thank you

  • RAJA MURUGAN says:

    xperia L! XPERIA L

  • aditya tan says:

    thank u

  • RAJA MURUGAN says:


  • Srinivas Hariprasad says:

    dear ranjit sir i am asking a lot of questions regarding the mobiles….why your not answering my questions…. am i disturbing you with silly questions?/….i am a big fan of your reviews…and i am interested in new models….i am changing my smart phone for every 2 or 3 months…thats why i am asking you such kind of questions….if i disturbing you pls reply me then i will stop asking my questions…thank you…gud ngt.
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  • Chaitanya K.V.K says:


  • sohail thakur says:

    hey Ranjit, does the camera quality of this phone stand out on its low price?

  • MJ PARVEZ says:

    Hi Ranjith,, I am a big fan of ur videos ….I heard that Faizul Communications/hederabad are selling any smartphone well below the competitive price since they are selling the unlocked versions. Is it advisable to buy them from them…is Warranty the same in terms of the mobiles which we buy from other retailers…plz clarify…thanks in advance.

  • geekyranjit says:

    Yes you can buy phones from them no issues they are authorized sellers for all the leading mobile brands, in-fact they are the biggest retail sellers for Samsung phones in Hyderabad. I buy most of the phones from them with proper bill and warranty, they also do sometimes do stock some phones that are not yet launched in India and for those phones you will not get warranty.

  • geekyranjit says:

    Both the Xperia L and Grand Quattro and pretty good mid-range android phone in terms of performance but gaming is important for you go with the Xperia L as it has slightly better performance.

    I have already done review for even the Quattro so you can check that for more info.

  • Anish salian says:

    hey ranjit,galaxy note is nw availaible at 21500..isnt it a good buy

  • Rahul Pandey says:

    which phone have better ui xperia l or grand quattro?

  • Nathan Gill says:

    Why is this not in shops in ireland but how much is this in euro any one

  • amey sarode says:

    quattro has quad core cpu but its not that of use… my brother had bought n he sold withing 10 days… many time it get lagged… better u go with sony L.. at least u will get quality…

  • Harsha Vemuri says:

    thankyou ranjith

  • oTERIMKC says:

    Samsung galaxy Grand or Sony Xperia L ?

  • abhishek sinha says:

    Is the PS3 controller working now as I saw a new update?

  • Tomáš Žigo says:

    Please help me with buying phone HTC One S or Sony Xperia L ? Thx

  • Sourav Banerjee says:

    Thank You very much Sir for the in-depth video. just a few doubts…

    1) Can the apps or games be moved from the internal memory to the external micro SD card since internal storage is only about 4GB?
    2) Is the pinch to zoom feature really smooth in case of zooming in pictures and web pages(other than Chrome)?

  • Charandeep Singh says:

    sony xperia L or nokia lumia 720 which1 is better

  • Rahul Sharma says:

    Hi Ranjit! i like your videos and ur expressing way !
    plz suggest me which one is best among these
    1. galaxy s3
    2. xperia sp
    3. htc one x
    4. xperia SL/SP
    i’ll be thankful if u do suggest me.

  • geekyranjit says:

    From the list you have mentioned I would suggest the Galaxy S3.

  • Rahul Sharma says:

    thanks a lot!

  • sanjeet yadav says:

    hi ranjit my range is about 30thousand . please suggest me an android cell from the makers of sony and samsung

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