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In Jelly Bean, Google introduced a new screensaver-like feature called Daydream. Its basic function is quite limited. But with the help of third-party applic…

24 Responses to “The best Daydream apps for your Android device”

  • ANTTU24 says:

    I would like to use Jelly Dream but I use wireless charging while I sleep. So I want the screen to be blank while I’m in bed.

  • Raymond Yáng says:

    thanks for the recomended third applications!

  • gkingkongkev says:

    I was listing but my phone doesn’t charge that fast. And I did say drain but I meant that it drains almost as much as that it is charging so it takes way to long to charge. And if there are some apps open (Like Outlook, Whatsapp and Chrome) the battery won’t charge or even drain while charging.

  • gkingkongkev says:

    Oh, and I know this isn’t caused by Daydream mode but is a problem of my ROM or Phone (I’m still figuring that out)

  • Ninjaa Haze says:

    This is fuck it now

  • Adriano Muro says:

    I ALWAYS use it. It’s really handy not to have to press the unlock button in the morning.

  • Adriano Muro says:

    not a chance.

  • gkingkongkev says:

    So there is also no chance that my phone will get really hot while browsing o Chrome for about an hour? Because that happend to me this morning. My phone just has some issues with it’s power management and I’m working on fixing that :p

  • Maicol dubon says:


  • David Jeffries says:


  • Vishwas Borkar says:

    @0.38 launcher ??

  • kingpiiin says:

    News republic daydream isn’t bad

  • dittoOttib says:

    That’s what I heard too

  • Rinosh samuel yesudasan says:


  • cjxgraphics says:

    Your pronunciation of “Pocket Now” sounds a little like something else. Just sayin.
    And I love the idea of Daydream, but I really don’t use it often. However, it turns a tablet into a decent digital photo frame.

  • Napa A. says:

    “Fleximino” for Android – new Tetris-Like free game will amuse you! Check it on Google Play!

  • Andrew Hoffman says:

    The King of smartphones – the Note 3 will dominate with the Sony Z1 Onami/Ultra impressing and the HTC Maxi. 99% certain I’ll get the Sammy Gear- not for me but my Note 2 you understand.

  • mowiewowie0 says:


  • Tony T says:

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  • abcd12345a60 says:


  • atifuzain says:


  • Andrew Gulotta says:

    I use daydream with Flipboard. It happens to look really good and displays information from the news and your social networks.

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  • rachelle aouad says:

    Thanks very helpful :)

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