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25 Responses to “The Must Have App for Any New Android Phone”

  • 6797austin says:


  • kent101299 says:

    Uh, so what if it is.

    You must have a low-brow sense of humor to comment about it.

  • Trevor Hawk says:

    Lol you’re by yourself in that opinion.

  • Mikael Madsen says:

    Me, 62 dislikes and thousands of others around the globe.

  • Trevor Hawk says:

    I was specifically referring to your opinion on Go apps. Not the video. I’m with you on the video. Lol I’m one of those 62

  • Mikael Madsen says:

    That’s fine. Here’s some statistics for you taken directly from Google Play.

    Go sms pro
    1 star rating: 28 204
    2 star rating: 15 121
    3 star rating: 41 898

    That’s 85223 votes under the so called “good rating” and 28204 votes that agree with me.

  • Trevor Hawk says:

    Have you even read any of the reviews? I’ve seen countless “1 stars” that praise the app. And I’ll raise you the 420k 5 star ratings.

  • HereComesTheBoom3648 says:

    why do you hate anything to do with go?

  • foreverttw says:

    For Fox Fi, just so for some of you who doesn’t know this, based on reading your bashings in the comments, not all android phone comes with a built in app to turn your phone into a wifi hotspot. My S3 built in tethering setting only allows me to share my data connection through usb or bluetooth.

  • JustanamebroDK says:

    I think the p gesture on dolphin was for porn xD

  • yt678901 says:

    You are new to android.

  • alex zenelaj says:

    im seeing these video with my phone and to destricption let the kinks okk

  • mball567 says:

    DO NOT USE A TASK MANAGER! Android closes apps for you so when you kill your apps over again it just makes your phone very slow.

  • Brandon Rauls says:

    Niggers, poor bitch has Shaquinta as her name, how sad.

  • FSAthe1st says:

    Nonsense. If the app is visible in the Task Manager, that means it’s still in memory and taking resources.

  • Dylan Mullaney says:

    That doesn’t slow down the phone, if it needs more resources it kills the least used app in memory.

  • FSAthe1st says:

    Actually, that depends on whether the application is using CPU cycles or not. Some apps use the CPU to do background tasks.

  • leibora says:


  • Shandelle Friedman says:

    I recommend Google voice rather than mighty text

  • PowerUpMilk says:

    wow im laughing so hard right now……..8 years old

  • Naz Sakib says:

    there are far better alternatives to all of your suggested apps.

  • FluffGoesPEWPEW says:

    Lol, I like the Kingdom Hearts references :p

  • Imad Shilleh says:

    LMAO you want a must have app try snaptext.. A real life/time saver!!!

  • calvintanner80 says:

    What are the name of these apps that we must have on our new android phone.

  • Joshua E says:

    I love the backround 0:06

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