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25 Responses to “These Are the Best Third-Party Launchers for Android”

  • Taylor Martin says:

    I use +Chris Lacy’s Action Launcher 95% of the time (read: when I’m not
    reviewing). What’s your favorite launcher?

  • Sergio Velasco says:

    I’ve used Nova and Apex launchers to cope with touchwiz on my Samsung

  • inda mitchell says:

    +Pocketnow Spot on quick summary video. I’ve been running Apex on my Note 2
    and am happy. Experimented with Aviate, Buzz and Themer this morning. My
    experience in line with your comments. Next up is Action Launcher cuz looks
    like it may be a good fit for me. 

  • JulianChristoffer says:

    Go Launcher FTW!

  • redseasplitter says:

    Smart Launcher is the best 

  • Crate - A - Day says:

    What is that calendar widget at 0:32 on the tile to the right of your home

  • i7vSa7vi7y says:

    TSF Shell ftw

  • The30kProductions says:

    Anyone want a aviate code?

  • DamonDay814 says:

    My favorites are:
    1.Nova-All around great,good customization, ui,& speed
    2.ADW-Good Speed,better if you have lower end device
    3.Holo HD-Lightweight(-2MB)Good if you want a fast phone.

    I’ve tried many others like GoLauncher(best customization,& best ui best
    theme support but a bit resource intensive),have to update often
    LauncherPro-Just didn’t care for it at all(not fond of ui),nothing I
    preferred over others
    Action-Good for beginners but I’m not a beginner
    Zeam-Extremely fast but Dev stopped making updates,If it was still
    active,it would be #3

    Still use Go Locker though. Might Change.

  • Joshua Patterson says:

    Nova Launcher, I was a die hard Apex guy, but Nova has universal options,
    so right now that, but I switch often between the two.

  • Jampper says:

    Hi ppl go check 2tap Launcheri really nice minimal launcher pretty new and
    elegant. Little laggy still but i think it will get an update soon =)

  • Jonathan Black says:

    HOLY MOTHER OF YOKO!!!! Thank you for showing me the buzz launcher!!!!

  • TheOriginalRobin says:

    I switched from Nova to Apex. It’s more customizable.

  • Born222kill says:

    What is the calendar widget that he is using called ? Anyone knows please I
    totally love it. 

  • Muyanzi Reid says:

    Nokia XL + Aviate= WINNING.

  • RandomName says:

    I love smart launcher it so simple to use with great themes cough cough kit
    cat theme to

  • sokhoms says:

    I like Nova Launcher.

  • Ankur Kini says:

    I used to love Go, but now Nova without any doubt

  • Junior Mint says:

    Is there a way for me to get the Nova for free?

  • Luca Valencia says:

    aviate is best!

  • JakeubIsABeast says:

    What is that calendar called?

  • Mrgatofreak says:

    Plzzz i want a aviate code

  • lightningx10 says:

    still going to use gpe launcher

  • Ethan T says:

    if you want the nexus feel just side load the Google Now Launcher from

  • TTD187 says:

    For me, themer was great, but after trying out Action Launcher, I
    completely jumped the ship. I love the idea of a completely unique feel,
    but compared to most people I know with Android, using any Launcher does
    create that level of individuality. Action Launcher is nice and quick and
    even looks beautiful with the way it now uses shutters. This is by far the
    best experience I’ve found.

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