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The toad that likes iPhone games.

25 Responses to “Toad playing iPhone games”

  • eleriel says:

    Ah! SSSSssssss

  • Devin Seeley says:

    DO Du DO DO do du imugur rangers are here to class up this place

  • jophisbird says:

    Too Funny!!!

  • sliderblue1992 says:


  • G33k4Lyfe says:

    Isn’t Imgur fantastic?

  • MalachiteR says:

    No, sorry, 210 braindead Imgurians isn’t greater than the vast majority of
    people who don’t give a fuck that you’re from imgur. Seriously, the only
    people who slightly care are people from imgur, so why don’t you take your
    little circle-jerk back there?

  • Joshua Williams says:

    I’m going to take a moment to allow you to realize that more people liked
    his comment than this video. Let that seek into your dense skull. Now
    consider that I’ve never used Imgur, but seeing as many videos get viral
    followings from different sources of recognition (such as a mention from a
    highly-subscribed YouTuber), I find those sources of recognition
    interesting for a moment. Now crawl back into your ignorant hole and die
    there. :)

  • MalachiteR says:

    Though, if you’re ACTUALLY not from Imgur, that’s even more embarrassing on
    your part. In that case, you’re just some whacko who has a hardcore
    conviction to defending stupidity. Either way, it’s a pretty sad way to be.

  • Joshua Williams says:

    “I saw that you claimed you weren’t from Imgur, acknowledged it, and made
    my own claim that you actually are.” “I’m using logic instead of blind
    assumptions made in ignorance without so much as a scrap of proof.” Covered
    that already. I’m sorry if your reading comprehension hasn’t reached a high
    enough level to realize it, Mr. “White-Knight of retarded comments”. :)

  • Joshua Williams says:

    Let me break this down even further for you with a rhetorical quesiton.
    “Nobody fucking cares.” How many people constitute nobody? Is it 0 or is it
    229? *Nineteen more people in the last half-hour; that’s a WHOLE lot of
    nobody caring! Secondly, stating a numerical fact to disprove a statement
    isn’t the same as defending the party which was involved in the incorrect
    statement. That reasoning is what intelligent people call a straw-man
    fallacy, although you call it your natural thought process.

  • Garibaldi Rous says:

    Who knew toads liked video games?´╗┐

  • MalachiteR says:

    Yes, yes we’ve already gone through the fact that you are not an Imgurian.
    I realize that it was “blind” of me to assume that you were anything other
    than stupid defending stupid for the sake of something stupid. We’ve
    concluded that, twice. How is that a “checkmate”? I apologize for giving
    you more credit than you’re worth. Please, get past it. Also, if you
    consider the messy spew of ignorant babble you just came up with as a
    “mastered art”… Well then I can only say that you’ve got pride.

  • MalachiteR says:

    Are you not realizing the ridiculousness of claiming that spam is somehow a
    wonderful thing worth defending, because 254 people clicked on it? By your
    logic, Justin Beiber is a fucking miracle of life.

  • susulemons says:


  • MalachiteR says:

    Thanks, doc.

  • Joshua Williams says:

    It’s more of the standpoint that you can’t subjectively argue against
    another person’s opinion and expect to win. (That only works in politics!
    ;P ) As I pointed out in a previous post, his opinion and my opinion are no
    more or less valid than anyone else’s… there just happened to be a few
    hundred more on my side… So the only defense possible is to exhibit an
    abundance of fallacies in the reasoning of the formulation of that opinion,
    even if it seems to be clutching at straws at times.

  • Xarshale says:

    pssst, frogs dont have teeth

  • Scott Allens says:

    This reminded me how much fun laughing is. LOL

  • b0artJE says:

    … thats not an Iphone

  • Payton Price says:


  • Hyas1nth says:

    Guys, don’t look through them all, it isn’t worth it! D:

  • Hendrik-Jan Smit says:

    Haha, the toad bit his finger! Did you see it guys? The toad just bit his
    finger! All look at the finger biting toad people! Look at it. LOOK AT IT!

  • K4inan says:

    ad hominem are personal attacks, not logical fallacies.

  • K4inan says:


  • Miriam David says:

    Thank you Zoey for sending me here haha´╗┐

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