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Multi Tasking has become an integral part of the android life these days. Android Phones like the Galaxy S4 & the HTC One are out with extremely good specs s…

25 Responses to “Top 10 Must Have Android Apps for Multi Tasking (Galaxy S4) – Part 1 – Android Tips #19”

  • Moo.S W says:

    Not related question .

    Which version is this i9500 OR i9505 ?

    am trying to notice display differences

  • Cursed4Eva TV says:

    i9500 I have a video on all the differences between both :)

  • Aman Chandra says:

    Can you post a video tutorial for swapping memories on galaxy grand I9082

  • abdulrahman ali says:

    I installed the first app but it not working, I did all the setting for it but still not working. I did on Galaxy s3. how can I activated ? thanks man

  • Uddigi Rao says:

    Hi Cursed4Eva! I rooted my micromax a116 using your earlier video. I also swapped my internal SD card with external SD card again using your previous video. My Micromax A116 is absolutely working fine. Recently, Micromax released JellyBean 4.2.1 update for A116. Can you please upload a video showing how to upgrade to 4.2.1 & root again. please……….

  • yazeed Alamri says:

    Nice video man.. it help a lot

  • Tae gun says:

    Love your channel so finally subscribed myself !!!

  • Cursed4Eva TV says:

    thx man :) 

  • Cursed4Eva TV says:

    thx bro, I appreciate it :)

  • cassey villanueva says:


  • Shobit Chakraborty says:

    you rock bro,,, this is a true service to the ones like me who know nothing about andorids :)
    thanks a lot man

  • Cursed4Eva TV says:

    glad to help bro, stay subscribed :)

  • Dennys Perez says:

    hi which of those apps would be the best to go back to the home screen and also to close running apps?

  • arun kumar says:

    Hey Aswin, be pitty on ourself ( Apple Users). Post something useful for us also..

  • Cursed4Eva TV says:

    will be getting the next iphone bro :)

  • amit kumar says:

    please upload a full review video of gionee elife e3 smartphone.

  • TantrumsTantrums says:

    VIRUS from his links…

  • SlipperySpandex says:

    As usual, great work!

  • Cursed4Eva TV says:

    thx m8, glad you liked it :)

  • androaide says:

    i remember u or coldfustion had one where it show all your apps,it was a launcher i think can u please tell me whats the name of the app

  • Arnald harry says:

  • TheRayanth says:

    Big thumbs up! Excellent video, sir! :-)

  • Arnald harry says:

  • DianePounds914 says:

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  • Mike Bye says:

    I find “WaveLauncher” the best app for launching apps anywhere.

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