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Watch as I look at the Top 3 Budget Phones Unlocked! All three are amazing phones at their price point. I cover the Nokia Lumia 520/521, Moto G and the Googl…

25 Responses to “Top 3 Budget Phones! (Early 2014)”

  • Wass im says:

    Great presentation man ! 

  • KABOOtech says:

    Very cool video and excellent comparison 

  • OT4Tech says:

    Incredible video Danny! 

  • Serban Alexander Manea says:

    Great video man!

  • alwaysstoned1989 says:

    1 month proud user of Moto G, it’s the best bang for fuck. Only things
    that’s negative are the edges that get dusty so fast

  • Candra R says:

    Great options! What phone are you personally using as your daily driver??

  • Nethir Osman says:

    Nexus 5 is $470 in Aus

  • TechExamined says:

    Incredible Job Danny!!! Loved the style and all the info!! Great job!! 

  • DetroitBORG says:

    Top notch stuff Danny!

  • VaeVictus666 says:

    You’re an awesome reviewer man. I really hope u do well with your channel
    cuz you really deserve it. 

  • Martin Small says:

    Another great review, although I did wince a bit when the Nokia was wedged
    between the rocks (the screen, mind the screen! :-) 

  • Dejan Renčelj says:

    *Best budget smartphones are…* Nokia Lumia 520, Motorola Moto G and LG
    Nexus 5 (runner up Motorola Moto X)! Good selection. I wonder how good are
    the HTC’s, Huawei’s, Samsung’s and Sony’s entry level phones compared to
    the ones mentioned in the video?

    Huawei is doing very well and a lot of people praise their budget phones
    and probably these phones are in fact a worthy competition. Or are they?
    HTC had a loss in 2013 which I’m afraid could have an impact on the quality
    of their phones.
    Samsung is selling a lot no doubt about it and has a lot of know-how but
    are their low-end phones any good?
    And there is Sony who is putting a lot of effort into their phones lately
    especially after their decision to “dump” the Bravia and Vaio products.

    Hmmm… Any thoughts?

  • James Meagher says:

    Outstanding review on budget phones!

  • Se7enAte says:

    I still find it crazy that Google can put out a phone with top notch specs
    and still have a great price point. Yeah sure they cut corners in some
    places, but the RAM, CPU, and build quality is the “main” part of the
    phone. Google has perfected that

  • Anthony Clark says:

    Cheers Danny for another awesome look at phones for us guys on a budget..
    The Nokia wow what a price. Flipping amazing. Both the Nokia and Motorola
    seem like amazing deals. I got my Samsung Galaxy Ace stolen from my pocket
    just before the new year.. So been saving up for a while and one of these
    phones would be the perfect purchase for getting my work done on the move..
    Thanks man.

  • Deane Karlo Tabasa says:

    Danny and his trees! xD

  • VTREX2010 says:

    How about the Nokia Lumia 1320? It’s under $400 at Amazon, and it’s cheaper
    then the Nexus. Sure the Nexus 5 is $350, but that’s before taxes, and that
    the taxes are different from state to state. The Nexus 5 is quite expensive
    in other countries, but significantly less than other high end smartphones
    with hefty price point.
    All in all, great video. 

  • Wise Gadgets says:

    Great video Danny, I enjoyed this video and it’s really unique one. Amazing
    shots, great job :) 

  • Le Commentateur says:

    Comment for win the new Galaxy S5

  • jordy minten says:

    Alcatel one touch idol x+ is a much better phone for about 350 $ and it has
    a octacore 2Ghz and a 13mp camera

  • Mark Brockman says:

    You did mention the Moto X at the end, so I agree with your stuff. But
    would rather have the X than the 5.

  • lunak86 says:

    Never won b4 in any contest my whole life! Hope this will be my 1st time :) 

  • culda1984 says:

    I usually don’t like a “top” list, but I agree with your choices here. Can
    you do a similar video for tablets?

  • effyval13 says:

    I really want the Moto G, but it’s not sold here in Thailand. tsk.

  • Ayman Hangalay says:

    nexus 5

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