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New series of the top 5 weekly apps of 2013 already kick starting it in 2012! Subscribe to the channel for more! App List + Download Links Below 1( Snow Star…

25 Responses to “Top 5 Android Apps of 2013 – Best of The Week! #1”

  • Bemba Turay says:

    its funny how one of my rooted apps are better than all thows app cabine XD

  • Minas Vereketis says:

    Download free App, Games, Live Wallpaper, Theme…etc… for Android
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  • Ty Davison says:

    You’ve now got me addicted to Bottle Crash! I loved Fruit Ninja, and this gives a cool twist to a classic. Wish it was on Mobiroo, but it’s not. Just got sent a free trial. Has anyone else subscribed to it? I haven’t heard much on it in tech community yet, but I like it so far. Seems you can only get it on their website though.

  • noc4ever says:

    @AndroidLifeStyle can you make a video about how to add buttons in screen just like the Nexus devices on any rooted Android devices? if you don’t know how i can tell you the EASIEST method that doesn’t needs any kind of programing

  • Ronald Croos says:

    I love the way you say multi!!

  • Avery Warf says:

    You still have a Droid x??

  • Spuser Spuer says:

    I woud add here free version of ArkMC DLNA Media Center application.

    I have istalled in on my HTC conneccted to hi-fi speakers. And I can stream musci from another devices there!

  • Alexander Belonogov says:

    Hey, guys. Look what I’ve found, this app is awesome!

  • FromUnderTheBlanket says:

    Hey, guys! Look at this video. JAKE from the ADVENTURE TIME dances GANGNAM STYLE in to the HARLEM SHAKE SOUNDTRACK!!! Awesome! I like this android app!


  • vishal vrycool says:

    It wud be Great if u upload the QrCode When talkin abt the app

  • salvatorevenezia94 says:

    @Ronald Croos

  • salvatorevenezia94 says:

    @vishal vrycool

  • brock smith says:

    what kind of phone do u hav

  • SuperGustav123 says:

    its a droid x

  • fabio duarte says:

  • BreakOutXXX says:

    try reading up

  • fabio duarte says:

  • BrookSoulKing1 says:

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  • InfectedBetazzz says:

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  • carlosjavierPR says:

    same intor as qbking77

  • DERP HERP says:

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  • johnski133 says:

    That’s Suck .l.

  • 111NoOne111 says:

    you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to hyped and energetic. to a point where it is really annoying 

  • cinoy yonce says:

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  • TheAppScientist says:

    Check my channel I’m doing app reviews

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