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TOP 5 iOS GAMES OF 2012*: *** CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR LINKS *** Vsauce3 Twitter: Vsauce3 Facebook:…

25 Responses to “TOP 5 ANDROID GAMES of 2012!! — App All Knight #8.5”

  • miroa12004 says:

    For all the best COD content check TheTopLuca

  • Nicolas Mozart says:

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  • Rhys White says:

    What was the last song please reply

  • MysteryGamerX says:


  • LukeDude759 says:

    Dead Trigger looks like it would cost at least $10… Wait, it’s free?! Holycrapthisisawesome

  • KyberEinars says:

    They ruined it with one of patch…. You could get 5 gold daily, after update only 1.

  • darklink0424 says:

    its in the very beginning.

  • SimplePlan206 says:

    Can’t you make a list of the top 5 free android games

  • Damien Izzard says:

    what’s the track playing on the paper monsters part.

  • FroztiVapes says:

    not for me 0.0

  • darklink0424 says:

    Maybe you skipped it by accident.

  • azora52 says:

    Dead trigger isn’t compatible with my android >.> Well shit.

  • MrBannanamann says:

    That moment when he says dead trigger is free…. ermahgerd!

  • tertretretretert says:

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  • Nick Sheaf says:

    its a pay to win type game…

  • rafa vrionides says:

    name 1 games??

  • AzuraTime says:

    DEAD TRIGGER IS FOR APPLE TOO :) and its free :) !

  • Barnaby Bruce says:

    He didn’t mention the horrible freemium elements of dead trigger

  • Storse Konsei says:

    Too bad dead trigger glitches out samsung galaxy s3 cause it restarts the phone at random times and erases all data in your phone.

  • TheToxicBox says:

    is kinda sad why its free though….

  • rodan abi allam says:

    were’s temple run 2 or subway surfers or jetpack joyride???

  • TMKPRO123 says:

    Temple run2, sup surfers and jjoyride are 2 popular, no nêd 2b in here

  • umcarainteressante says:

    “I don’t undeadstand”

  • Arnald harry says:

  • Ayla Kurone says:

    I can’t take all these puns. I’m just not in the game.

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