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For details, visit If you too fancy a powerful phone, but cannot shell out over Rs 30000 for the likes of the GALAXY Note II or S III, …

9 Responses to “Top 5 Budget Quad-Core Android Phones Under Rs 15,000”

  • Rajiv Vaidya says:

    Xolo Q800 – Dual Sim!

  • Arman Malik says:

    Xolo Q800 IS THE BEST

  • suryakanth HM says:

    Just a correction. Xolo Q800 is a DUAL sim phone.

  • freekoholic says:

    xolo q800 is dual sim

  • techtreeweb says:

    During the launch, it was marketed as a single-SIM device. However, now they have rolled out dual-SIM handset in the market.

  • Soham Makwana says:

    I’m looking for canvas hd … But I cannot trust micromax and I want to buy samsung smartphones but ther are quite costly…… can anyone would suggest me which mobile I should buy …..

  • GAMEBOY2820 says:

    motorola Atrix 2 !!!! best in performance nd durability nd battery smokes all of em though dual core !!!

  • tylershemwell01 says:

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  • hristo pukalov says:

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