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1. Dragon Ball Tap Battle (iOS/ Android) Price ¥350 Description: Including Vegeta and Goku, fighting action to be able to enjoy in the various characters! [G…

14 Responses to “Top 5 Dragonball Z Games For iPhone / iPad Android”

  • topppdoggg93 says:

    On My hunt for games I always look for the best, which leads me to
    Dragonball. If you haven’t herd of the series you had to be living in a
    cave somewhere in the rocky alps lol Anyhow this is My Top 5 Dragonball
    Games For iPhone/iPad Android So sit back & enjoy!!!!

  • Alono Span says:

    how to get tap battle if its not on the market

  • Patrick Dodd says:

    U have to have a japan account

  • Juan Ramon says:

    Tht tap battle one is horrible if u want the real one go search dragon ball
    z tap battle it will show how to download but be Warned its in Japanese

  • Juan Ramon says:

    Lol srry man for saying tht but u have it lol I didn’t watch whole thing

  • liamW says:

    Best youtube name ever

  • liamW says:

    Best youtube name ever

  • Akof sum says:

    Why am I unable to find tap battle or dbrpg in the App Store on my iPhone

  • Colato Bro says:

    Hey nice job hitting the green only. But when I played I thought you were
    only supposed to hit the green. Turns out I was wrong. Turns out the red
    dots equal 2 points!! So when you clash with the continuous punches and
    kicks make sure to hit red and green.


    How were you able to play Dragon Ball RPG? 0_0

  • carlos abrego says:

    Can you show how to get dbz tap battle please I’m a subscriber

  • justin A.K.A Glock says:

    Man just put it up what u waiting for likes for 

  • Thu Le says:

    cũng hay mà cần có bils

  • I ChooseYou says:

    where is dragon ball z tap battle on app store i cant find it

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