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Whats up guys? I have another Episode for you with some of my favorite Free iPhone and iPad games of 2013. Be sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the…

24 Responses to “Top 5 Free iPhone and iPad Games of 2013”

  • 1Girlsk8er says:

    Lol u just uploaded this N it was my first time watching ur last free app video

  • Leticia Lugon says:

    thanks so much!!

  • pateisnotlate says:

    Thats whats up! lol

  • pateisnotlate says:

    No problem! Glad you liked it

  • Mrtechbrains says:

    Do a top paid apps video!

  • rrageboy732 says:

    This was a awesome vid I have just subbed an liked I have watched some over vids of yours. The apps in them are described and filmed really well I suggest Rc plane 2 it’s a free app thanks again for this awesome vid

  • pateisnotlate says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely go check that one out!

  • Daniel Go says:

    you have a nice voice!!!!!

  • pateisnotlate says:

    Thanks dude :)

  • matthew ballard says:

    You shall be delighted to know your my favourite YouTube

  • pateisnotlate says:

    Much love! Thanks lol

  • matthew ballard says:

    hey man can you make a facebook fanpage

  • pateisnotlate says:

    Yeah I have one, you can find the link on my channel :)

  • dadofkai86 says:

    What about whale trail

  • Captainrossguy says:

    Try clash of the clans

  • Captainrossguy says:

    If you do join my clan: CaptainRossguy

  • Sophia Gregorio says:

    Urban crime and fishing kings

  • iAdderz says:

    Pitfall is one of the best endless runners

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  • oobertuberdude says:

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  • SuperMalank says:

    Join injustice gods among us

  • Kristen Zhuang says:

    Do you say bad words

  • Alok Ranjan Dash says:

    Please make June 2013 best free games for ipad and mention their names on below.

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