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Buying a phone in 2013? Here are my Top 5 picks! With phones like the iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4 and HTC One there are lots of impressive upcoming smartphones but …

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  • TheGadgetGorilla says:

    You are dumb.
    iPhone 2g-because it had 2g connectivity
    iPhone 3g- because it introduced 3g connectivity
    iPhone 3g(S)- because it was an INCREMENTAL upgrade to the 3g
    iPhone 4 – because it was the fourth iPhone
    iPhone 4(s) – because it was an incremental upgrade to the 4
    iPhone 5 – Because it was the next iPhone after the four series
    iPhone 5(s) – Because it will be an incremental upgrade to the 5


  • Jerry4050 says:

    I got the HTC One so far way better then the HTC One X plus

  • Melina S says:

    I phone 5 :) !!!!!!

  • hockeystar35789 says:

    Should I get the s4 or wait for the note 3

  • UnlimitedMangos says:

    Actually they also had 3GS, which didn’t have siri.

  • PeterVideosHD says:

    0 dislikes?

  • MrWassabi321 says:

    OMG, guys, I’ve just got my free Minecraft giftcode!
    >> <<

  • bitski488 says:

    S stands for Speed.. at least that’s what steve jobs said in a key note speech about the 3gs (which by the way didn’t have SIRI and was still denoted with an S).. IDIOT.. oh i didn’t want to call you that but it would’ve bottled up inside me if i didn’t :-/

  • HunterXray says:

    Austin? Could have sworn it was Duncan. :) 

  • HunterXray says:

    I’m excited about upgrading from my Motorola W376g, someday. lol :)

  • Capiten Trollo says:

    Sony Xperia Z beats all

  • Brickemon611 says:

    Roomers, LOL

    Did you mean: Rumors?

  • Infertile Piggy says:

    what about the 3g s ……. idiot

  • TheCIScommander says:

    iPhone 3GS didn’t have siri.

  • LivingOnAudio says:

    great video horrible voice. seriously your voice makes me wanna shoot myself. great vid tho great vid.

  • Jthegamer0813 says:

    S4all the way

  • creamt5 says:

    Iphone 69 “me gusta”

  • punkrockguy281 says:

    haaaay guise, this is AUSTIN!

  • Osama Bin Masood says:

    Where is the Xperia Z?

  • LonerStyle says:

    The S in iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS means “Speed”… the design didn’t changed, but they just became faster.

  • DougieTheGamer says:

    HTC 1

  • Bunty Peram says:

    I like the sg4 and the hex n. one

  • Dominic Charles L. Chua says:

    Your comment makes no sense.

  • mycomputerhelp231 says:

    Lumia 920?

  • CreamSodaAmerican says:

    Xperia Z is a great phone, i think all flagship models are great and have something going for them the other flagship models lacks

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