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List of the Worst Android Phones. 5 – Sony Xperia Play 4 – Kyocera Echo 3 – Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro 2 – Sharp Aquos Hybrid 1 – T-Mobile G1 More details…

25 Responses to “Top 5 Worst Android Phones”

  • Saturn carlover says:

    Just because somthing is unique doesnt mean its the worst. Theres an
    android that came out a while ago with a 600mhz!!! That should be on there,
    you tard

  • Happy Trees says:

    Nice valid points, what a quality video

  • Chris Widjaja says:

    t-mobile g-1 is the frst android so it is still on progress

  • animeaddict091011 says:

    This made me think that the maker of this video didn’t even research about
    android, like the g1, thr first android phone was the worst? You sure with

  • J Ryan says:

    Your reasons? lol, learn to make an intelligent video

  • xXlegend killz says:

    Haha i didn’t read that bit haha.

  • David Bullock says:

    Why say it’s bad if you’re not going to give reasons

  • kendahlut says:

    And the g1 was the first android phone it started a revolution of what
    phones we have today.. To call it the worst is like saying the first TV was
    horrible even though it changed pop culture forever. Idiot

  • RobloxdoesRoblox says:

    how is Sony Experia play the worst? Its pretty good combined into a phone
    And a PSP.

  • llsa13 says:

    OP: You’re a complete moron. How are you going to put the OG of Android
    phones, in the G1, on your dumb as list. What’s worse is you just show
    pictures of the dawn phones. Where is your reasoning for putting these
    phones on your list? Or did your noob ass base this list on looks, alone?

  • llsa13 says:

    Excuse my auto correct…

  • Miguel Chavez says:

    this guy is so STUPID the htc dream Started it all

  • coolfoodfight says:


  • PikadudeN64 says:

    If you’re going to make a top # best/worst list video, give some REASONS
    behind why you think that. That’s Lesson #1

  • Zeljko Protic says:

    I so need an iphone!(i have XPERIA PLAY)

  • Tech News And More says:

    dont hate my xperia play

  • SgtNoobFace says:

    I had an xperia mini, It was the buggiest shit ever.

  • Luqman Wadood says:

    All androids suck anyways

  • Kovu vs Simba says:

    Apple fanboy below

  • Walter Vasquez says:

    Oh c’mon the g1 was one of fhe first androids, you canf really blame it all
    too much

  • Disthron says:

    ….so, don’t feel like giving any history or explanations or….. anything
    about your choices?

  • Mike Cammiso :D says:


  • Dusko Zecevic says:

    you forget a Huawei u8500 WORST ANDROID SHIT PHONE EVER!

  • peeceekiller says:

    How can you give the G1 the worst rating? I had it. It was the very first
    android phone. It was great. It started it all for Google. You can’t
    compare it to Galaxy phone of the present of course, but lets face it – it
    was the ONLY phone brave enough to challenge the iPhone. It was the
    original DEV phone for Android, and it was a solid smart phone for it’s
    time. I use an iPhone now, but I appreciate the G1 for what it was. I
    have owned 5 Android phones since and now an iPhone, but I will always
    appreciate what the G1 stood for – an alternative that would eventually
    grow into something great. This is like comparing an Apple II to a 2013
    iMac. Give props to the grandaddy of Android!

  • Josh SALVATION says:

    Really? The Xperia Play? The Xperia Play was an amazing basic
    android,combined with a gaming system. How can someone hate that?

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