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Here is a video of my top 6 FREE apps that I use every day on my Samsung Galaxy S3. These are all free apps at the Google Play store. Thanks for watching. He…

25 Responses to “Top 6 Free Android Apps (Video #1)”

  • TZ2OurLittleDogToo says:

    wow! very helpful! thanks

  • rushabh shah says:

    thanks brother ! very helpful

  • MrDaBears83 says:

    zedge app/clouds wallpaper

  • bravesierra says:

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  • leafblower says:

    Bunch of niggers

  • lilian garcia says:

    just watching so i know what im going to be doing when i get my samsung

  • LUSFNA48 says:

    Thanks for the great reviews of those awsome apps. I’m gonna download them right now. Thanks again brudda.

  • JustThatAwesome777 says:

    Awesome video! Honestly, it’s probably one of the best that I’ve seen. I downloaded almost all of the apps you showed. Thanks for sharing all of this! Rawk on.

  • lucy jako says:

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  • Leonie Davis says:

    Wow everyone, we have an idiot in place that thinks its cool to be racist! Go somewhere else with that kind of language!!

  • alex mineo says:

    pie control iz beter

  • Daniel Grigorici says:

    am i the only one hearing “you could go ahead and” x 100 ?

  • Evandro Araújo says:

    Where can I get this wallpaper?

  • georgeb67 says:

    Thanks very much

  • supermathi says:

    Google “Texture”, it’s one of the first results ;)

  • Raquel Lindeman says:

    Great vid! I’m definitely going to try Robin. Thanks!

  • Maikol Cubillo Alfaro says:

    cual es ese fondo y ese tipo de reloj sei me dice este es mi correo

  • Alberto Balanzario says:

    What’s the name of your background app??? We all wanna know that!

  • mthj100 says:

    Whats the name of the wallpaper

  • SHFLwaldo says:

    Sucks not to have 4G

  • TheHuntx3zero says:

    the s3 has 4g

  • scinerz says:

    i’ve the s3 with 4G, and he’s better

  • Kimberly Hinton says:

    Love the Robin App!!

  • Sammy black says:


  • Happycraftygirl31 says:

    What the difference not having 4g cause im getting for my birthday

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