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APP SECTION 1. Google Now Wallpaper HD (FREE) 2. My Real Font (FREE/{video_description}.99) 3. Giganticon (FREE) 4…

25 Responses to “Top 8 BEST Android Apps and Games of 2013 (#32)”

  • john salvadico says:

    What is your theme called?

  • Funkynuggett says:

    Thats a sweet video!

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  • Dejan Jankovic says:

    Ma come fa ad avere le icone così fighe?

  • S1ka13 says:

    What app is that for the folder?

  • Jennifer Daum says:

    what launcher are you useing

  • Jeremy Diaz says:

    thumbs up for Pretty Boy Swag 00:52

  • AdamMBGaming says:

    The song is a remix of “Otherside” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  • Dylan Woodrow says:

    Sloppy writing

  • Victor Sari says:

    Thank U, nice video ;-) 

  • Victor Sari says:

    I Downloaded all of them, I subscribed + liked ;-) )

  • sika tom says:

    how did u made this wallpaper

  • Amith Kallupalam says:

    What launcher are you using??

  • ken Chiang says:

    hey guys do you know what icon pack he is using? thanks for response

  • Bob Play says:

    really well put video. Surprised you aren’t bigger than what you are now.

  • Maleck Saleh says:

    The song is the instrumental of Ray Charles by B.o.B

  • bryan rasmus says:

    At 00.44 your apps at the bottom are circle how did you do that . I have the samsung galaxy S4. Is it a app?

  • TibiaFire1231 says:

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  • whodoesntlikelol says:

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  • justein vicedo says:

    Are u a poster?¿

    Hey howtomen on youtube..!!!

  • gavin thariqi says:

    Great video Man… I subscribed + like
    Love you (no Homo)

  • D3adMicky says:

    Other Side!!!! uhuuu

  • dato kenchiashvili says:

    Giganticon <3

  • darren smith says:

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  • justin cabrera says:

    you just got your self a subscriber :) 

  • Mb Fan says:

    How do u have the apps at the bottom of ur home screen in circles plz give me the app name

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