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Thank you Freeom developers for using my video on your site!! Blog: Personal: **To use Freedom: You must be rooted!!!…

24 Responses to “Using Freedom for Unlimited In App Purchases (Android Hack)”

  • sixsix1002 says:


  • PlayinForPlaystation says:

    How do u get roots!!!! Why doesn’t any video explain

  • karolis100939 says:

    how to change to free card i just speent 10 $ to a game :(
    please tell me

  • kindle4972 says:

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  • haassun2k says:

    Does this work for candy crush ???

  • nirz20 says:

    hi,i try it all day to use freedom on “big win basketball” and when i uninstall updates on my google play store,i tried to got in back to the game and bom! error the i need to force close the game..,please help me/try it by your self and tell me if its working/help me

  • FineGab says:

    it says i need error access. what’s that?

  • FineGab says:

    it says i need “root” access. what is that?

  • Sarun Whix says:


  • thunderstormbad says:

    @FineGab it means u need to root ur phone

  • TEKNOLIGY555 says:

    If you damn people dont stop asking how to root and just google it

  • EverytimeVideos says:

    How I can fix “Server error” error?

  • Максон Про says:

    You are farting?!

  • moxias96 says:

    With the updated play store does work..:p

  • sernz revenge says:

    doesnt work in 2 out of 10 games…especially springfield tapped out and poker deluxe. if you can understand how to root your device, i highly suggest you download gamekiller. changing value strings seems a lot less risky and doesnt involve google play. besides, 7 out of 10 games work with this cheat engine. except for server games. neither cheat/hack is effective.

  • razvan milasan says:

    I need root acces..Whats that?

  • foot0fete says:

    are u sticking the mic in ur anus?

  • MrLatinangel89 says:

    How this works

  • Pietro San says:

    How true can that be.. 

  • Pietro San says:

    Now the freedom says this program cannot be free

  • unbelievablyshifty says:

    it says phone has to be rooted help plz idk

  • Shao Yu says:

    why didn’t the freecard show up when im purchasing?

  • tejeshreddy84 says:

    I have done all the above u said. But I’m unable to get mighty eagle in angry birds Rio :( . Can any one help me? :)


    It says I need root access WHAT DOES IT MEAN

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