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Many have asked what is on my Android phone. Although I am constantly changing apps, here is what I have today. You may also be interested in these videos. A…

24 Responses to “What’s on my Android Phone 2013”

  • Zertifieldd says:

    Cool video! So many useful apps I didn’t knew about, Thanks ! :-)

  • Cristiano Adiutori says:

    Good old TubeMate :D

  • gohan851 says:

    I like your charisma you just got a new subscriber

  • Lukaz Rhan S. Lima says:

    I swear that I tried…

  • stanley viper says:

    you dont use wallbase :) :) :) 

  • Michael Burke says:

    hey armando i found an app you might like it solves the problem with the share menu showing all those apps you never share to its called Andmade Share

  • Michael Burke says:

    and the default app problem can be solved by default app manager pro

  • Armando Ferreira says:

    Thank you, I like your Avatar you have good taste :)

  • Sachin Bhatt says:

    What phone is that?

  • Nicholas Pinn says:

    Great demo of fx guro. It was cool how you made it seem like you were recording yourself

  • SpongeBloggers says:

    If you want a hacked … unlimited coins for dead trigger, I’ll put it on my channel, if u want

  • BackHandLegend says:

    you guys should download MiKandi. It’s an awesome app!

  • Talha Arif says:

    Hi Armando, that was a really good review, I found some useful apps. I would recommend you to review the app ‘Helium’ it does the same job as ‘Titanium Backup’ but does not require root access.

  • NagatoKamiPain says:

    my desire have 20 apps :P and laggy… stupid country too expensive to get n4

  • Sanjaka W says:

    Oppo Find 5

  • Arya Putra says:

    I don’t know if you have reviewed them before, but can you tell me what is your launcher, and icon packs that you’re using in this video?

  • ALB0Z1 says:

    make a tutorial how to make this *_* it looks awesooooooome :D 

  • moralsandethics says:

    Definitely liked this video, I kept notes for about 10 of your apps. I could add many more myself, android has so many good apps!

    Certainly do more please!

    Floating notifications
    Air Droid
    TuneIn Radio
    Amazon app store (1 free paid app or day, often very good ones)
    Droid of the day
    App of the day (one free play store paid app /day)
    Feedly (Google Reader replacement)
    Overdrive (really slick library and online book reader)
    RoundR (makes Window corners round)

  • moralsandethics says:

    Note: Every app I list is well over 4 star ratings and in the rare case not, is still will worth it. I’m an app snob, if it’s not 4+ I don’t even bother.

    Some more:

    Wallbase (free wallpaper hd app)
    Unit converter (shock simple Holo UI converter)
    Watchdog lite
    The weather network
    App sales
    Trip it
    acar (tracks everything for your car and advises on maintenance schedules etc)

  • Mike McIntyre says:

    If anyone would take a look at my android video and give some feed back that would be great!

  • ButtHurrt says:

    what phone is this? 

  • Eddie Espinoza says:

    nice !:)

  • Ronnie LLive says:

    I`m already downloading some of them, a question….how do you keep your phone that fast? I have a galaxy s3 but sometimes its like using too much ram for me i don´t know how can I make my phone fast? thanks

  • Yann Benichou says:

    can you please make a video on tweaks for better battery life?

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