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XDA Forum Member bambou51 has created a great Android application to handle organizing your Podcasts. His application is called Podcast Addict. How does his …

25 Responses to “Which Mobile OS has the Best Podcasting App, Android, iOS or Windows Phone?”

  • ThisW1lBeHardToSpel says:

    The good thing with android is that there’s multiple apps for the same thing. If you don’t like the looks give it critics in the comments and move on to another app until you find one you like.

  • David Zapico says:

    Pocket Casts ftw.

  • Magnum M says:

    To @ThisW1lBeHardToSpel point in android you can choose your default apps so when i on a site i can clic the subscribe and be direcitoned to the app I want not the app apple wants

  • F. Diaz says:

    My god IOS looks like shit

  • F. Diaz says:

    Then go won’t be missed.

  • whatupdan91 says:

    Shut up you hostile cunt.

  • Sahil Chaturvedi says:

    For android, I recommend BeyondPod. It’s the best, for sure. Just saying :D

  • Sonu03785 says:

    iOS ofc then windows phone

  • Videotubelord says:

    You are retarded troll, everyone knows that android can be customized to anyone needs and likes. There is no such thing as ugly or pretty android…

  • whatupdan91 says:

    I know it can be customised you fuck. I have Android. The app in this video and other android apps (not all) are ugly as fuck.

  • 4203105 says:

    I’m using BeyondPod on android. Seems to have about the same functions as Podcast addict. Maybe even a few more.

  • Eric Thomas says:

    When I say I’ve used every podcast app on Android, I mean it. I have no idea why Pocket Casts wasn’t used on Android. Blows everything else out of the water.

  • Nikhil Joshi says:

    Can’t believe this dumbo is using 3GS

  • Steve Finlay says:

    I’ve also used Pocket Casts and like the app very much. However, this is XDA TV. The Pocket Casts developer does not have a thread about his app on XDA. I know the previous 3 app shootouts had non-XDA apps, however, we have decided to change the format back to supporting XDA devs rather than non-XDA associated apps. We appreciate the input and I do suggest people try out Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict or any other Podcast app people are suggesting so they can choose the right fit for them.

  • Steve Finlay says:

    I was using a 4S and it died on me. From now on I will be alternating between a 3GS and a 5 depending on if my fiance is home or not (she uses the 5 as her daily driver). Performance may be slightly less, but it still does the job for showing features and functions of the iOS apps that I include in the shootouts.

  • Nikhil Joshi says:

    Ya bit it has non retina display which makes the apps looks lousy

  • James Cole says:

    Podcaster is the best podcast app for iPhone. Hands down.

  • Jeremy Huijon says:

    Brap brap!

  • TheZigZagg says:

    Koodo self serve app!?

  • Thomas Lopez says:

    What camera are you using to film these videos? It looks like a really good DSLR.

  • Steve Finlay says:

    I’m using a Canon T4i at 1080P/30

  • Thomas Lopez says:

    Awesome, because I ordered a t4i under the recommendation of CameraRec Toby, and your videos look so great. May I ask what lens your using with the t4i? Thank you!

  • Steve Finlay says:

    These videos are mostly shot with the 18-55MM kit lens that came with the camera.

  • misterleoni says:

    Podcast apps really suck balls on Windows Phone. You have to manually add all your feeds or sync them with gPodder, which is a rather geeky and inconvenient solution for the typical podcastaholic. They also lack features such as ‘most recent’ ordering. In f

  • monkeyman111bunny says:

    android ftw!

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