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What’s better? Android? iPhone? Windows Phone? Fall 2012 phone selection guide. My thoughts and advice.

22 Responses to “Which Phone Should I Buy? – iPhone, Android, Windows?”

  • BSh4cks says:

    nokia gave up on symbian long ago.. search symbian on wikipedia

  • Nicola Sabbadini says:

    Android 4 or later is good, but it isn’t quite as polished and smooth as iOS, I have an ASUS convertible tab with a quad core tegra 3 running Android 4.2 (stock) and an iPhone five with a sorry ass A6 chip. My iPhone runs everything perfectly without a hitch and apps are amazing on there, the tablet which is way more powerful lags and has bugs. This sure isn’t the hardware’s fault, because it’s one of ASUS’s top products. It’s Android.. they still have some work to do, but their getting close

  • Nicola Sabbadini says:

    it’s a bit too locked up though, if I could just run stock android on my iPhone and configure it just as I want it, keeping all the apple features I love, it would be awesome.

  • Nathan Pattison says:

    so get the iphone if your not a very smart person?

  • 99violin says:

    Hi Stephen, I hope u helpe me!!! i have s3, and i really desapointed with this smartfone! I like only de big screen of s3, but has a lot of lags every time! I would love to by a Iphone 5! what will you say to me? i’m afraid to not acostum to de screen to play games!;(((((

  • Stephen Ambruzs says:

    Sell it and get an HTC one or an iphone 5. Both are great phones. 

  • 99violin says:

    ok!! but, to play games Iphone 5 is not too small? and to internet? Thank u.

  • Stephen Ambruzs says:

    The screen size on iphone 5 is decent. Not as big and nice as some androids, but still good.

  • michael cooper says:


  • michael cooper says:

    S3. I love mine

  • Diego de Jesus says:

    iPhone :)

  • Saad Miraaj says:

    Galaxy S3 the original awesome android HTC sucks
    IPhone has less features windows phone has bad quality and not much functionality So has more than 110 feauturea

  • Justin Fisher says:

    Absolutely must disagree with Stephen here. There are a number of ways to maximize speed of your S3. There are tons of videos available on how to do that. Take a breath don’t get overwhelmed. Technology in this arena is headed toward versatility which is why iPhone’s market share is shirking. HTC has been playing catch up for awhile with Samsung because Samsung has a vision that goes beyond the surface of the device..beyond the hardware…and sees the user

  • yehia omar says:

    htc 8x or lumia 920 are better than android or ios

  • TwoFourXSeven says:

    Can you talk about speed/lag for different application(internet, some games etc…) and talk a bit about battery life? how long will they last surfing web or youtubing or playing games, etc etc, couple important facts that im sure some others will be interested in as well as myself :)

  • Howie Hall says:

    I prefer ios its always the same speed never slows down no matter what apps are running. Never lags. I don’t have to turn everything off like on android to save battery. Wifi gps live wallpapers widgets etc.

  • Howie Hall says:

    The larger screen on android is only beneficial for video. Text is the same size and IMO is not as clear as the iphone display on devices I’ve tested S3, GNex, razr. Perfect example is twitter android version is hard to read the text in comparison.

  • ketalmanify says:

    iphone 5 – no lag, high quality apps. huge accessory market

  • iPlayerKorn says:

    If you are familiar with smartphones get an android. If you want a simple (while restrictive) phone get and iPhone. Its not hard to see that Android is focused more on the capable users and is striving for innovation. While ios is geared towards the technically illiterate who just want a familiar phone.

  • Luis Fernando Lopez says:

    I suggest the Galaxy S III, I have one! It has good battery life, unlike the iPhone 5 which recquires more charging and charging! The Galaxy also has more features compared to the iPhone 5!

  • Krisztián Kovács says:

    You need to restart sometimes and close apps. Long press the home button and swype away some apps.

  • Marcus Baumstarck says:

    Did somebody say UPDATE? when androids get a bit older, you can’t update them to the latest software. With apple, you can update your phone to the current software for a long time. the 3GS still runs 6.1.3 flawlessly. but android phones are stuck in their android version forever.

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