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Windows Phone 8 and Android 4.1 are very different operating systems, but in many cases they have similar functions that may be implemented in different ways…

16 Responses to “Windows Phone 8 vs. Android 4.1”

  • beno1504 says:

    WP looks like shit. Just sayin

  • EpyksLV says:

    Wow the nexus had some problems booting. My Android usually boots in 30 seconds.

  • Cobrastarzz1 says:

    Fuck You MAN!! i use Windows Phone!!,,,,, and i agree :( LMAO

  • tylor gallagher says:

    Ah….so I should go with windows phone….well I was going to

  • Assem Akhmed says:

    I actually liked iOS old design, especially after I’ve seen the childish iOS 7. WP and Android are much better though.

  • iYearn4Cats says:

    You must be a terrible Graphic Designer if you think glossy and gradient things are outdated. Any ten year old with a jumbo pack of Crayola markers could have designed Windows 8. That loathsome Ballmer will end up destroying Microsoft if he is not careful.

  • thatmusikman says:

    This isn’t even a fair test, the cortex a9 processors in the nexus are extremely outdated compared to the krait cores in the windows phone

  • freddykrueger13 says:

    Nexus took 6 minutes to boot lol

  • Garrett Chance says:

    I love my WP. I have had a WP since the release of wp7 and wouldn’t use any other os. The usability of WP is amazing. My first smart phone was an android I have even try an iPhone I hated searching for the apps the widgets never quite fit were I wanted them the live tile system on WP sets the standard. But still I have got to say when it comes to the market place android has it all over WP in shear number of apps, but as WP becomes more popular they will catch up

  • hanalunnana says:

    Win iphones at

  • Krisztián Kovács says:

    What a dirty marketing video.

  • stefano velikov says:

    of course WP is the best

  • juanrichardsjr says:

    jjd.hf  xx

  • james souleyrette says:

    Overall, they’re all pretty much the same, all of them have their makes and breaks, just depends on what you like, I love WP8 and like android and I understand why people like iOS. But it’s all dependent upon what you want.

  • Vincent Wansink says:

    comparing load speeds when comparing operating systems is not very useful when the hardware is different.

  • Robert Lee says:

    My nexus 4 has never done glitches I’ve had it for a while now

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