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Ask the Buffalo: Windows Phone vs. iOS vs. Android Get instant access to Jack Threads: Jon R is back to tackle more questio…

25 Responses to “Windows Phone vs. iOS vs. Android”

  • DarkRaven1311 says:

    Windows Phone has plently of great unofficial app for the things you mention. Instagram? I have 2 clients Instance and Mehdoh (3 in 1 app), VIne? I don’t use it, but I heard that there is an app named 6sec. Snapchat? There is an app named Swapcha (I don’t use it too), and to be honest, I don’t use Instance, and I use Mehdoh just for the Twitter cleint.

  • ManPingus says:

    For me, I think Android is the best for tablets, it just seems like Android is better on a bigger screen. Windows Phone 8 is perfect for Phones because it’s just clean, simple, easy to use, but it still looks great, both hardware and software. And lastly, I HATE iOS, you need iTunes in order to do anything and it just feels very trapped. iOS may seem tempting because everyone is using it and says it’s great, but I’d much rather prefer a WIndows Phone or even an Android. Just my opinion though :)

  • cikochuck says:

    Windows phone is owesome..for people using android or ios before,it maybe difficult for first time using WP8…it takes time..but i think it is not the problem..the problem is you are not dare to try something new..come on beb….i admit before this i using iphone,but i want try something similar like i try to nokia lumia WP8…and i love it…

  • MrFidgit says:

    need to buy hipster-clothing at jackthreads now

  • Peit Kiet says:

    nahh dude iphone will always be the easy to use phone for the general man. and android is for the techies.

  • tyler wilhite says:

    No offence but I think iOS makes the best tablets because of the FaceTime feature and because of the retina and beautiful screen

  • Daniel Morales says:

    Windows Phone sucks! As simple as that. Sorry dudes!

  • Jared Bell says:

    I agree 

  • Oliver Outen says:

    You mad? Retina is outdated… Amoled gives better saturation and higher ppi…. hangouts>facetime…

  • Oliver Outen says:

    You mad? Retina is outdated… Amoled gives better saturation and higher ppi…. hangouts>facetime…

  • Oliver Outen says:

    Nah man… Android isn’t complicated.. it just takes a couple of days getting used to all the features… once you know them its the best experience… I wouldn’t call IOS simple… i would call it controlled or limiting after having switched to android

  • Peit Kiet says:

    i prefer ios mostly because i am a hospital guy and we are required to use ipads anyways and the iphone syncs up so awesomely with the iPad and the macs. i geuss i am kind of forced into the apple ecosystem by my job. but the products aren’t so bad. i tried a s3, the problem for me was that you could not be sure sometimes. sometimes i would have battery drain out in a few hours,sometimes lag when i have too much open. maybe cuz i used to ios, but you have to understand how to multi task on andr

  • Peit Kiet says:

    you know whats cool about hangouts and FaceTime? you know? absolutely nothing, because everyone with a brain uses skype or facebook lol.

  • turtleownage says:

    FaceTime is only used with other iOS devices, my last phone was an iPhone4, however none of my friends have iOS devices and I never used FaceTime… well maybe once or twice in the 2 years I had it. Also the display, my new phone (HTC Droid DNA) tops the ppi of retina, however speaking as tablets, I can’t say, I just buy phones.

  • powder5 says:

    man, buy an iphone for yourself, and I dont think You will continue making these video ;)

  • LILU LILLU says:

    android or windows which one best?

  • Chris Sandiford says:

    Lumia 1020. Say no more. Revise your video. Nuff said.

  • CaesarThaApeGod says:

    Windows is cooler.

  • Caleb Lopez says:

    I kind of want to try Windows

  • Tom Newman says:

    I’ve found a way of changing the homepage and customising bookmarked icons in Safari on iOS without jailbreaking, check out

  • PIZZAandGELATO says:


  • Jordan Bukikosa says:

    I dunno. The thing holding me back is the lack of SD card slots. :/ I can’t live off of 32GB. xD As ridiculous as that sounds.

  • Khalid Ibrahim says:

    silly video who is this man to talk like that about future of tech. and how things will go on in future!! nobody knows maybe windows phone will dominate the mobile market in future or maybe not nobody knows that..for now windows phone is the best for me

  • Maria Dimarhos says:

    you want a windows phone? downlaod the windows launcher app DONE.

  • Yugiohfreak99 says:

    Windows definitely has the “cooler” factor.

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