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With the HTC ONE only out a few months….they already have a new flagship model….the Butterfly S HTC B…

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  • 13mordeth says:

    Huh? It’s fatter than all the competition due to it’s much larger battery. Which phone do you like?

  • 13mordeth says:

    No, they aren’t a sponsor. I just like HTC…and it sucks that people buy from the racist Samsung.

  • b4igetu says:

    my old computer which I replaced a couple months ago had a 1.8 ghz dual core processor. Crazy how phones are advancing so much.

  • ZexianBlue says:

    I’m 18 and have a dumbphone. I don’t care about a phone. I want it to make phone calls and that’s it. I have an SLR for taking photos. Why would I want the internet when I’m out,? I’m out to do something, not play games or use the internet. I can do that at home. I’ve got an mp3 player for music Yes, an mp3, why would i pay shit tons of money for an over priced iPod or what ever else, when i get get the same thing for half the price.

  • Samuel Hahn says:

    @kingzflyhigh hey idiot when a phone is the size of a fucking tablet it’s not hard to have nice specs. Not only that they don’t talk about processors because 1. Because more cores me absolutely nothing of you don’t have the software to back it up (samsung) 2. HTC one has the same processor as galaxy s4. S4 is just clocked a itsy bit higher which means nothing when you root.

  • Samuel Hahn says:

    Did a bit of research phone has no lte/4g lololololol

  • hyperpunjabi says:

    I have the htc one v its great

  • tinynoggin says:

    very nice phone.
    i am glad that my galaxy note 2 does not look too huge nowadays with other phones like this htc.

  • worldtravel101 says:

    these days many of them are far more than just a phone lol

  • StyLZapfska says:

    Selfish FUCKS! :) :( :D

  • CircleMemories says:

    Now days they are not just phones.. they are hand held computers, so to a lot of people it’s a big deal.

  • reaverclan says:

    its not just about specs although those are nice, its the user experience for instance I hate the saturation in Super AMOLED screens and Love the color accuracy in Super LCD3 screens like my DNA. I hate the non removable battery in the DNA and love the removable in the S4, I hate the build quality of the s4 and love the build of the DNA its all perspective. That said i would use neither with stock firmware lol.

  • 13mordeth says:

    That’s because it’s made primarily for Taiwan….in Taiwan…..and Taiwan doesn’t have 4g yet. So lololololol right back at ya.

  • 13mordeth says:

    Everyone who doesn’t own a smartphone says the things that you are saying……I did before I got one as well……and then one day you’ll get one…..and like me, you’ll take it all back.

  • Cj Valde says:

    what software do you use for making ur animated logo? 

  • Cj Valde says:

    like this one by the way. but it kinda looks like opera mini. haha :) )

  • Cj Valde says:


  • From Asia To West AtoW says:

    HTC One looks better!

  • hondac55 says:

    I have a Galaxy S III.
    Last month I started my new job, and before I started my job, I found myself on Facebook and YouTube while I was with my friends, and was actually pretty disappointed with the device. Then, after I got my bank account set up and direct deposit set up, I wanted to take my family out to dinner, but I didn’t know if I would be able to afford it….whipped out my phone, checked my balance, and didn’t have to worry about it or drive home to check :) It’s the small things.

  • kledder2 says:

    That’s exactly my point. And most of those people completely waste their money on expensive phones they really don’t need. It’s a social thing.

  • Shyamsundar Gupta says:

    They take built quality and gives expandable memory slot and bigger screen

  • topdawgzzz says:

    I used to criticize people for having smartphones too… Then i actually got one. Mind = blown

  • plaid13 says:

    Am i the only person that dosnt like huge phones? I love smart phones but i dont play games or watch videos on it. to me a perfect phone has a good camera a good gps/mapping setup and a screen good enough to look stuff up and all that but still be small as hell in my pocket. 4 inches long less then half an inch thick and 2 inches wide that would be ideal. Most of the smart phones are just too big and annoying in the pocket.

  • michaelal20 says:

    No I love the smaller simpler iPhone

  • bombin1181 says:

    Yes, If you want to be technical. But in my defense I still got you to respond to my comment (:

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