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Featuring ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ from XSCAPE, the brand-new album by Michael Jackson. Xperia Z2 — Log your life with our best ever Android phone Sony Xperia …

21 Responses to “Xperia Z2 – Log your life with our best ever Android phone”

  • Sony Xperia says:

    Win the trip of a lifetime! You and a friend could be jetting off to New
    York and we’ll also give you an Xperia Z2, Xperia Z2 Tablet and a Sony
    SmartBand so you can capture every detail of the moment! Find out more and
    enter now:

  • Aurélien COQUART says:

    #SMARTBAND #XperiaZ2 #Sony 

  • Gabe Tinge says:

    I have to say I LOVE how instead of saying something like the best
    smartphone it says our best smartphone. It doesn’t make Sony seem conceited
    compared to other companies:)

  • SRSABVT says:

    I LOVE SONY …………………………..

  • Diane A says:

    Love STTR!! Great ad music from MJ.

  • Diane A says:

    Awesome song by MJ. You cld sell anything with that beat and vocals!

  • Subbu K says:

    Great experience one should enjoy. Atleast. Once in life time. Relay

  • Sony Xperia says:

    Find out how easy it is to capture the details of your day. Do it all with
    SmartBand & the Lifelog app from +Sony. 

  • Sony India says:

    Find out how easy it is to capture the details of your day. Do it all with
    SmartBand & the Lifelog app from +Sony. 


    Wanted the smartband BUT nothing is known about a state release date for
    the Xperia z2. I sure hope it wont take so long that they’ll release the z3
    in the other parts of the world. *sigh*

  • Ilham Prabaswara says:

    I want to buy it. But someone says it overheat when you recording 4K video

  • Amar Eid Al-sayed says:

    It`s amazing device.

    When it come in Saudi Arabia? ?

  • Văn Hoàng Bùi says:

    Very happy to hear the voice of Michael Jackson. :D Another thing, this
    phone is totally awesome! Kinda love it.

  • Nicol John Luzano says:

    I hope I can have this smartphone soon.

  • HAMD .G says:

    Nice idea you have translated the video into Arabic, thanks :) 

  • ThatUnfunGuy says:

    You keep making videos of the Xperia Z2 while the release has been pushed
    in a few countries, atleast in mine, I just feel like you’re teasing!

  • Jac5al says:


  • ♥♥♥MICHAEL JACKSON♥♥♥ says:
  • kristian contemplacion says:

    My Xperia z1 screen still has a problem after I install kitkat! There is
    random touches on.the screen! How can.fix this! Response!

  • shamsul77 says:

    Hv been waiting and looking forward for z2 since it was announced and a
    probable release date in early April 2014 for Msia. But the release date
    was later pushed to end of April, however, I got to know from sony sales
    rep just recently it’s not gonna happen at the end of April but early may
    instead due to overwhelming pre-orders… Once its released, the pre-orders
    will get it first… Oh bummer… Can Sony handle such massive demand?? If
    I hv to wait for another 3 months, I might as well buy the S5 instead…
    Can’t wait any longer as I hv been holding on to my android phone for 3 yes
    now and its been giving me the hiccups.. Come on Sony..

  • mp5cartman says:

    Sony, here’s a tip, RELEASE THE PHONE ALREADY! Especially in the US! Demand
    is high, the longer you take people including me will skip this for
    something else… Oh and I almost forgot, DO NOT GO CARRIER EXCLUSIVE,

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