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β˜…β˜…NEW ANDROID CHANNEL!!β˜…β˜… App Protector Pro: The est of the apps can be found on the market for free.

PEOPLE WATCH THIS COOL VIDEO : !!! Minecraft Cinematic Effects 3D VIDEO !! THE FIRST LINK IS MINECRAFT ALPHA THE SECOND UPDATES TO MINECRAFT 1.3.1 I PUT THE FIRST LINK BECAUSE I AND SOME PEOPLE HAD A PROBLEM WITH THEIR VIDEO CARDS. SO IF YOU THINK THAT YOUR PC IS GOOD DOWNLOAD ONLY THE SECOND IF YOU THINK THAT YOUR PC ISN’T GOOD DOWNLOAD BOTH RUN THE MINECRAFT.EXE INSTALL AND MAKE A TEST IF IT RUNS. NOW FOR 1.3.1 RUN THE MINECRAFT UPDATE.EXE AND CHECK FORCE UPDATE. IF IT CRASHES RUN THE MINECRAFT THAT YOU HAVE INSTALLED this is the link It has a lot texture packs already installed in it for 1.3.1 just download this put it anywhere, open it, check force update and press enter In this video you see that I download minecraft from Megaupload but I changed the links from Megaupload to mediafire because Megaupload is closed!

Apps of the week: 1. Calendr 0:15 2. Cloud to Sms 1:36 3. VidTrim 3:02 4. Go Sms 3:52 5. X Construct 6:03 6. Angry Frogs 7:52 2 or more shows every week on dedicated App Mondays & Game Thursdays =D Subscribe & Stay Subbed =] WANT MORE CooLoserNess?!! Visit my Website @ Find over 1000 Apps & Games I have reviewed so far! (11 – 4/2012 ) You will see the quick list in Categories of ALL the Applications & Games I have Reviewed with links to the video #Number# to watch a review for that such title. Find the latest Android tech news. Top Mobile devices to have. Deals. My Favorite Must have Apps. Help Support Forums and Contact. Merchandise (looking forward to it) and more to come as I progress in time. Spread The Word!!! =] ***** Stay in touch – Follow me – Contact me My Gmail : —— On Twitter : —— My personal — (everything) —— Tech relevant — (new) On Facebook : —— On Google+ —— If you’re a developer and or have a business proposal such as apps, games, products, accessories or whatever and you would like me to be involved….feel free to contact me and we can work something out. I am open for sponsorship !!! ******* My Stuff & More – In this video I am using the HTC Nexus one on T-Mobile network (GSM) – I love all technology, yes even Apple… I just know their iphone kinda sucks and is boring to me compared to my beloved Android =] – My birds name is Magui and he

How to Get Free Apps On Android (No Rooting!!) Works on Any Android Phone/ Any Version Software website: ____________________________________________________________________ Thanks For Watching!! Follow me on Twitter!!: Follow me on Instagram!!: @Dosanity08 Add me on GameCenter!!: @vince11211

Just a quick video on how to get the free hotspot on your android phone.

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